Pixel Art – Captain America 64×64

Pixel Art - "Captain America "by Chris Sanyk 64x64


  1. Captain America was a challenge! I had to go down to 64×64 resolution to get the level of detail needed.
  2. I haven’t used anti-aliasing techniques so far, but this might be the first time I felt like it might have been necessary. Spider-Man and Hulk presented similar difficulties, but because of the number of colors and intricate detail on Captain America’s uniform, it was harder. Portions of Cap’s uniform are white; I used a light grey solid with a slightly darker outline to add definition to those parts of ihs uniform.
  3. I modified the square from Iron Man’s chest repulsor into a star by dipping down to higher resolution. I’m pretty pleased at the results.
  4. Cap’s boots flare out at the top. Adding this detail put me in a position of needing to add more definition at the toes.

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