Pixel Art – Wolverine

Pixel Art - "Wolverine" by Chris Sanyk 64x64px


  1. To accomodate Wolvie’s trademark hair, I had to shorten him a pixel. Fortunately, he’s known for having a compact stature.
  2. Wolverine has worn a number of costumes over the years. This one seemed like the easiest to create at 16×16. The Yellow and Blue one with the abdominal stripes on his back wrapping around to the belly would be trickier and require dropping down to higher resolution.
  3. The flared tops of his boots gave me trouble. I might need to refine these more.
  4. The claws were another tricky spot. I ended up leaving them fairly chunky, and I like the effect.
  5. The hair is super chunky. I refined it a tiny bit when I dropped down to higher detail level, but I could have done more. I felt like leaving it chunky, as a stylistic touch. But making it more finely detailed could have been an equally valid choice.
  6. I made his skin color a little darker, to reflect his nature as a more outdoorsy type.

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