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Zelda: BOTW Diary (75)

After the wedding of Hudson and his Gerudo gal, I go around Tarrey Town and talk to everyone.  Bolson and Karson are still hanging out, but after I talk to Bolson he says he needs to head back to Hateno, so he and Karson bid me farewell. 

The little girl who is sick and wants to eat cake is still sick and still wants to eat cake.  There is an old retired couple who moved to Tarrey Town, and the wife is a cake chef from the old days to the royal family, but I can’t seem to figure out how to get her interested in making the cake for the sick girl.  The mother tells me I should talk to the husband when he comes home at night, but when I wait for night to come and return to their house to talk to him, he’s having a discussion with the wife, and she tells me it’s personal and asks me to leave, so I do.

There’s another new house in Tarrey Town, where I walk in, and up on the roof porch patio there’s a young man who tells me he is studying to be an ancient technology scientist, and has collected some suits of armor that I can buy.  He is selling the Rubber suit, the Barbarian suit, and one of the other suits, I forget which one, maybe the Zora suit?  All for very expensive prices, and I already have them and don’t need them.  He also has the snow boots and the sand boots, for sale at a reasonable 800 Rs.  But I have these already and don’t need them.  So he’s basically pointless at this stage of the game, but if I had done the Akkala quests earlier in the game, I might have gotten the boots more easily out of him, and then been annoyed at spending 12k on a suit of armor that I could just find in the course of my travels as I complete quests and clear shrines.  

I still need more stealthfin trout in order to upgrade my stealth suit, so I transport to the shrine at Lake Saria in the Korok Forest, which is the only place I know of to find them, and pick up another four.

I need a Dinraal scale in order to complete the Spring of Power shrine quest, but he keeps evading me.  I tried to find Dinrall in Tabantha Canyon, where he flies through daily, but he wasn’t near the Forgotten Temple when I went there.  I know he also appears around Eldin Mountain, near the giant Leviathan skeleton.  According to the internet he spawns there daily at 9am, and it’s a sure thing to catch him there.  

I transport to a shrine near the Leviathan bones, and hike over. I also need to pick up more Smotherwing Butterflies, but they’re so hard to see, and so very rare.  I do manage to find 5 this trip, but I spotted at least 3 more that I couldn’t catch.  

When I get to Dinraal’s morning spawn spot, I wait and watch but no Dinraal.  I find a korok seed in the eye socket of the skull of the Leviathan, and another korok seed or two, and a bombable rock wall that a chest is hiding behind in the vicinity.  Past the tail of the Leviathan skeleton there’s a Lynel on patrol, and I need some hoofs and horns to upgrade some of my armor, so I decide to challenge it to combat.  

The fight goes pretty well, and I defeat the lynel, but in doing so I end up consuming sevral Hearty Durian meals and use a Mipha’s Grace and break a sword.  I keep being slow on the draw with the bow and getting hit just before I can get a shot off.  I go through about 20-30 arrows in this fight, as well, but when I do manage to connect with an arrow, I stun him with the shot to the head and can mount him for some free attacks.  The Lynel drops a Savage Lynel Sword, which is the most powerful one-handed sword I’ve found in the game now, and a shield with a defense rating of 70, which is the best I’ve found in the game.  I get lynel guts, two hoofs, and I think two horns as well.  

I give up again on waiting for Dinraal to appear, and go scouring the mountainside looking for butterflies.  I go all the way around the coast line of a magma lake and find 5 of them, and a few fireproof lizards as well, and many, many ore deposits and baby stone taluses who all drop lots of gemstones, but it’s mostly flint, rock salt, and amber, with a very occasional sapphire or ruby.  I also fight a Igneus Stone Talus at one point, who drops about 8 opals and a couple of other gems.  There are many octorocks, fire chuchus, and fire kees along the way as well, and a couple of fire lizals.

This foraging safari ends up taking several hours, and by the time I’ve orbited the lake, I see Dinraal flying through the sky, and I have a shot at him, but I don’t have the range on my bow, my shot falls short, and I don’t get my scale; he gets away from me.

I note that the time of his appearance is more like midnight, not the morning time the internet says he appears.  I don’t know why or how my copy of the game could be different, but it’s curious.

I have gathered enough butterflies to do some upgrades, so I transport back to the fairy fountain near Tarrey Town and get whatever I can upgraded.  I am still in need of more smotherwing butterflies, though, and rather than spend a million years crouch-walking around Death Mountain trying to find them, I look up to see if there’s anywhere else they can be found, and the internet tells me that Beedle sells them at East Akkala Stable and also at Wetland Stable.  

I look on the map for Wetland Stable, and can’t find it anywhere.  Could it be that after all this time there’s still an undiscovered Stable that I somehow haven’t found? 

There is!  It’s in the marshy lands near the tower to the north of Kakariko village, which was one of the first towers I unlocked in the days after making it to Kakariko, but at the time I was so weak and underpowered that I didn’t feel like I could safely travel through this part of the world, so I just unlocked the map in that part of the world and stayed away until much later, having returned only relatively recently, and then mainly stayed in Zora’s Domain area, not the west area where this Stable is located.

I transport back out to the tower in the swampy area, and scout around, and spot an orange glow to the west that looks like a shrine I haven’t cleared yet.  I mark it on the map and glide out that way.  I really haven’t been through this marsh land at all, and gliding over it I see there’s a lot of ruins and many spots where I can encounter monsters to fight.  I glide over most of it, and land just past the swamp, in a grassy area a little east and north of the shrine that I’d spotted from the tower.

I run off in that direction and have a monster encounter.  There’s a ruined building where I see a column of smoke rising, and I take a little detour to investigate; it’s bokoblins.  I have found and fought a similar group in a similar situation somewhere else on the map, but I don’t recall where, exactly.  Probably in the vicinity of Eldin Tower or Akkala tower.  These ones are not too tough and I just run in and fight them all, heedless of their attacks or numbers.  After defeating them I loot the bodies and take what I can that is useful, which isn’t much. 

I move on, heading back toward the shrine.  Just as I get there, I see a shooting star in the sky, and track the star fragment down to the ground, where I see its beacon glowing in the distance.  I need more star fragments, too, so I opt to skip the shrine and head right for it.  I try to mark it with my scope marker on the map, but it’s hard to pinpoint the exact spot, and I only get kinda close.  

In my excitement and haste, I forget that I can unlock the shrine to enable it as a transport destination, and just run out after the star fragment.  

It’s a lot longer run than I was expecting, and I keep running into monsters along the way.  A shitload of skeleton enemies, chuchus, and a huge flock of kees harass me, yiga warriors, and two guardians.  I end up running out all the way into deep central Hyrule about directly south of Hyrule Castle, when after I fight the second Guardian, I lose track of the star fragment beacon, and I guess it has faded out and disappeared.  

I’m annoyed at having gone so far to come up short, but at least I’ve managed to find at least one more ancient core, which I need for upgrades to the Ancient Armor suit as well as to make more ancient weapons at the Akkala tech lab.  In fighting hte second Guardian, I discover that Guardian weapons are particularly effective against them — using a Guardian sword against it, it only takes one hit to sever a leg, where most other weapons take at least two hits.  I suppose this should not be a total surprise, maybe it’s even obvious, but it’s good to note their effectiveness, as in the last part of the game I can pretty well expect to run into many more Guardians.

In the vicinity of the stand of trees where I thought the star fragment had come to rest, there’s a little stone courtyard, where I find another one of Link’s memory photo locations.  I recognize it even before I see the shimmering cloud that indicates the memory spot, because I’ve looked at the photo many times, and it’s easy to recognize.

I recall the memory; Link is receiving some kind of ceremonial blessing from Zelda at this location, to bind him to the Master Sword.  The Four Champions stand on, watching, and commenting to each other.  One of them mentions that Link is the living embodiment of Zelda’s failure, and a constant reminder that she hasn’t managed to unleash or tap into her own powers, or something.  I guess that means they have a strained relationship.  He is loyal, brave, trustworthy, and skilled, and she still seems to have a hard time personally accepting his  heroic deeds of valor in the service of the kingdom of Hyrule, even while she is duty bound to honor them officially.  This is a sad story, and the lack of harmony between Link and Zelda seems tragic.  Perhaps this is why Ganon is always able to return to menace the land again and again.

Now I have a long hike back to the stable that I had just reached, but forgotten to unlock the shrine as a transport destination.  Considering how long that took me, I am not really looking forward to retracing my steps back.  And I’m annoyed at having lost the star fragment, even though finding the lost memory and picking up another ancient core are somewhat good consolation prizes.

Rather than run all that way back over cross country, I opt to transport to the shrine near Riverside Stable, and take my faithful and first mount, Horsey.  We run out, and along the way I stop to find a korok seed or two, and while doing that I keep getting attacked by stalfos and Yiga clansmen.

Eventually, I get all the way back to the Wetland Stable, where I buy three Smotherwing Butterflies from Beedle, talk to Pikango the painter about another nearby memory photo location, talk to a little kid briefly who knows the local geography, and talk to a guy who is pretend/practicing sword play with a torch he mockingly calls the Master Torch.  I equip the Master Sword and talk to him to see if he’s interested in it, but he doesn’t believe it’s real.  I demonstrate by firing a sword beam, but he doesn’t seem programmed to respond to that in any way.  I consider shooting him with the sword beam, but I don’t think it’ll do anything, and seems like kindof a dick move, even for someone who isn’t showing proper respect, it’s not something a hero would do, so I don’t do it.  But I want to.

I go the shrine and unlock it, enter, and it’s a water puzzle, that requires creation of ice blocks to create steps to climb a waterfall, to lift a gate to gain access to a chest where I find a Royal Broadsword, which is a really nice weapon for this area of the map, although by now I have plenty of high level weapons that are its equal or better.  And then I have to navigate a short river-filled corridor with strong currents, and glide down off of a waterfall at the end, to reach the shrine master’s chamber and receive my Spirit Orb.

Emerging from the shrine, I talk to Kass the bird-man, who I ignored earlier, and he asks me if I had seen the shrine that I just finished clearing.  I gather he might have had more to say about it if I hadn’t already just cleared it. He offers to sing me a song of old Hyrule, so I take him up on it, but it’s the same song he’s sung in many other locales.  I don’t know why they don’t give him a different verse to sing in each place, it would keep the game fresh and more interesting.

It seems there’s still a lot of game left in this game.  Large areas of the map that I still haven’t adequately explored; 19 more shrines remain to be discovered, and I am only certain of the location of two of them.  Hundreds of undiscovered korok seeds, and who knows how many little sidequests from various people around the land.  Certainly at least a few more stable quests and definitely at least one in Tarrey Town, and a couple in Zora’s Domain, one in Gerudo, and possibly another one or two in other villages.

I could go straight to Ganon and defeat him to end the game now, if I desired, but I’d like to come close to 100% completion after having done so much.  I don’t care to find every last korok seed in the game, as I’m not that obsessive, and I’ve read that there’s supposedly close to 1000 korok seeds throughout the world, and I’ve barely found a quarter of those, if that.  I’ll pick up every one that I can, but I’m not going to scour every pixel on the map to find every last one, that’s just insane.

Zelda: BOTW Diary (74)

Well, I guess I’ll head down to the jungle area by Floria Falls and see if I can get another piece of Farosh, the lightning dragon.  I transport to the shrine behind the big waterfall, and come out, and using my Zora armor I shoot to the top of the falls, and he’s there.  I shoot him and get a scale.  But checking my notes, I needed to collect his horn, not his scale, to upgrade the Hylian Tunic to the next level.

After taking the scale, I get attacked by bokoblin skeletons, and chuchus, and have to fight them off before I can go pick up the scale from where it landed.  I found a chest or two in the area by the scale, and encounter a yellow wizzorobe, who I manage to fight with reasonable effectiveness, taking him down with the bow. I don’t know what a lightning enemy is weak against, so I have to just take him out with regular arrows and it takes 3 or 4 to do the job.  They’re hard to hit when they dance.

I also need some lynel horns, hoofs, and guts, and there’s a Lynel atop the cliffs west of Floria Falls on the high plateau.  I head there, and it starts raining, which makes getting up the sheer cliffs a challenge.  I end up harvesting some Hearty Durian fruits and a couple of Hightail Lizards on the lower tier of the plateau, both of which are highly useful.  A hearty Durian by itself will cook into a full-heal meal + 4 bonus hearts, which is all I need.  The hightail lizards are good for one of my armor upgrades, but I need a bunch of them, and it’s going to take forever to find that many.

The rain subsides, and I climb up the cliffside to face the Lynel.  I equip the Master Sword, a good Royal bow, and my rubber armor suit, since he seemed to favor electric attacks, and pop out from behind a boulder and run up, no subtlety whatsoever.  

I win the fight, but it takes two meals plus a Mipha’s Grace heal to prevail.  I break one of my swords, and a bow, and use plenty of arrows taking him down, but he yields a savage lynel spear, which has an attack rating of 33 which is a lot for a spear, and some other parts that I need for upgrading the Barbarian armor suit.  I’m going to need to kill a bunch of Lynels to max out that armor, though.

While I was fighting the Lynel, I had spotted a shooting star falling across the sky, but didn’t note the landing spot, and after the battle is over, I go to look for it, and can’t find it.  I know the general direction, but can’t locate it at all.  

Climbing a ridge in the hope of a better view of where the star fragment may have landed, I find a stand of pine trees, and I need to farm wood bundles to help Tarrey Town grow, so I take the time to bomb the woods into splinters.  

Doing so attracts the attention of a powerful moblin, who comes over and attacks me, and I beat him, with the Master Sword at first, until it runs out of energy, then switch to a Royal Claymore.  I find another moblin and bokoblin near a campfire nearby, and kill both of them, mainly just to do it.

I round up my 50 bundles of wood, and then, looking around, I spot an odd green spot on the side of a mountain a distance away, and decide to mark it with my scope pin, and check it out.  I go all the way over there, and it’s nothing, just a grassy patch that looked odd due to the way the rendering engine drew it in the current light and weather conditions.  It had looked especially green, and not at all misty or hazy, which made it stand out and look odd. I guess just a glitch.

Well, I guess it’s time to go to Tarrey Town and drop off the wood.  On my way there, I stop at the nearby fairy fountain, and see what upgrades I can do with what I’ve scrounged so far, and I make a number of improvements to the rubber suit and the barbarian armor, and the glow in the dark suit, until I run out of ingredients to do any more.

Then I head to Tarrey Town, where I talk to Hudson, and give him his 50 wood bundles.  He thanks me and then tells me that he got engaged to the Gerudo woman who came to work here.  Now he needs me to find a Zora priest to officiate their wedding.  Great, new quest.  

I go down to Zora’s domain, and look for a priest who’s name ends in -son.  I don’t know where to find him, so I wander around talking to fish-people, and uncover a couple of new sidequests that I hadn’t previously known about.  

One Zora woman wants me to photograph a lynel so she can warn people not to go up to the cliffs where their local lynel has been spotted.  I’ve killed that lynel two or three times now, and he’s not so bad really.  I already happen to have a photo in my slate of a lynel, so I just show her, and she gives me the Zora Greaves, the bottom part of the Zora armor set.  Now I guess there must be a helmet around somewhere, but I haven’t seen or heard anything about it.

I go to one of the Zora buildings, and see an odd, old-looking stone carving, with a Zora man standing near it, reading it.  I walk over and read it myself, and it has a lot of illegible bits, but I gather that it tells of a story about Link from 100 years ago, fighting a lynel in the area and defeating it to pacify the region.  The Zora man tells me about 10 more such carvings around the area that he wants me to find. So far, apparently I have found two of the 10.  He tells me about some of the other locations, and mentions that there a treasure associated with them, and if I find it, I can keep it.  Probably the Zora armor helmet, I bet.  Well, now I have something else to do.  

I can’t find the Zora priest, and after looking all over for him and talking to every single Zora I meet, I’ve picked up several more sidequests, as well as completed a few of them. 

Someone needs help finding their missing wife, who likes to catch fish by the river but must have gotten washed away when Vah Ruta was rampaging.  Their son is catching frogs in order to make money for the family while she is missing, so I give him some frogs.  I’ll have to look for his mom soon.

A builder is repairing the Domain, and needs ten luminous stone for the work, and I have plenty of luminous stone, so I give them to him, and he gives me two diamonds, which is pretty great.

Down below the city, I find two treasure chests, which have rupees and an opal.

Finally, I find the priest, and tell him about Tarrey Town’s need for a priest.  He’s always wanted to perform a wedding, so this is perfect for him, and he goes right away. 

I transport back to Tarrey Town, and now Hudson needs me to go to Hateno and invite Karson and Bolson to the ceremony.  So I do that, and they have their wedding, and the whole town is there, and life is good.  The town feels complete now.  Hudson is so grateful of my help that he gives me three diamonds for everything I’ve done for him, which considering what that amounts to, is pretty reasonable.  It’s actually the biggest reward I’ve gotten for completing any sidequest in the game.

Zelda: BOTW Diary (73)

More foraging.  I return to Death Mountain looking for smotherwing butterflies, and still come up empty handed. But I pick up a new sidequest, and finish another one, and find an old memory spot.

First I return to the Korok woods to farm more stealthfin trout, but I only find two.  Next, I transport to Ridgeland Tower.  I recall the large mushroom forest that I barely explored, and want to see if there’s anything of interest there.  I glide down from the tower the mushroom forest, and it’s raining and thundering intensely, pretty much non-stop, and I have no non-metal weapons at the moment, so this is not too great.  I land on the top of the nearest tall mushroom and walk forward, and a voice tells me that I’ve been challenged to put some balls where they belong and it will reveal another shrine for me.  OK swell.  I live for this kind of thing. 

It’s night, dark AF, raining and thundering on top of it.  Ahead of me there’s a raised circle of land, built up like the foundation of a building, and there are four stone pillars.  It’s too rainy to climb them effectively, but if I wear the complete climbing outfit and use the jump-climb technique, I can just barely get to the top of one using all my stamina.  I see a purple ball and put it in the socket in front of the purple statue.  Nearby, but off the raised circle of land, I see two more balls, red and orange.  I can’t figure out how to get the balls up on to the land so I can  put them in their sockets.  It’s rainy, they’re exceedingly heavy, and I don’t have a lot of options.  It seems like maybe I’m meant to knock them using time-stasis, like golf balls, but I screw it up and they’re down in the swampy ground now.  I give up and leave, hoping they’ll reset when I return.  

Up in the sky, I see a shooting start falling, but it lands way far off, and I am too low to be able to see its landing spot in order to mark it on my sheikah scope, and lose the opportunity to pick up another star fragment.

I decide to return to Death Mountain to farm more lizards and butterflies.  I talk to a Goron in Goron City who is looking for his brother, and tells me to find him in a tunnel, where the brother had gone looking for a Hero’s Secret. Which, I assume is a shrine. I go there, and find the brother, passed out and weak with exhaustion.  His big brother shows up and tells me to fetch some food from down by the cliff, and bring it back and he’ll cook it up for him.  I go, and the way is paved with moblins.  I fight the moblins, and they are well armed and use fire arrows, but of course I’m wearing my fire proof armor suit and am well-armed as well.  I fight my way down to the bottom where the food is, and then have to carry it up the way I came, where somehow more moblins have returned, and also now there’s rocks rolling down the hill.  It’s a bit unpleasant, but I manage OK, and revive the brother.  He is so rejuvenated that he digs away the rock he had been working at before he passed out, and reveals the Hero’s Secret, a shrine.

The shrine is very simple.  It’s a long ramp that I have to walk up, while large metal balls roll down at me.  They’re mostly easy to avoid, and you can use magnetism and time-stop on them as well.  I do get hit a few times, and this sucks because it knocks me way back down.  It’s a steep incline, about a 30-40 degree slope, I’d guess, but I make it to the top, there’s a treasure chest on a high shelf that I can easily glide to from the top of the ramp, it just has rupees in it, and I claim my spirit orb.

I talk to a Gerudo woman who’s visiting Goron City, and she is trying to mine gems, and wants to buy amber from me, so I sell her some amber that I happen to have plenty of on me, and this completes another sidequest.  I also run into Pikango the painter, who tells me where I can find another memory photo location.    

I find a few more korok seeds in the area as I explore around looking for the photo spot.  It takes me a long time to find it, but I eventually do so by triangulating — lining up the points in the middleground with the background to work out where the photo must have been taken.  It’s difficult because of the terrain, but eventually I get closer and closer, and after exploring for about two solid game-days, I find it.  In this memory, Link is being tended to by the Princess, after fighting a huge number of strong-looking enemies.  Bodies of moblins, bokoblins, and lynels are strewn everywhere.  Zelda expresses her concern for Link’s safety and advises him to be more careful, and then expresses her belief that the increase in the number and strength of monsters likely means a return for Calamity Ganon.

Ya think?

I’m still looking for materials to improve my gear to 100%, and I’m also looking for shrines.  I need 4 heart containers to complete my second row of hearts on my life meter.  I know about the shrine quest in the mushroom forest, so I return there, transporting to the nearby tower and then gliding in as I did last time.  This time, I don’t mess up my golf swings and I manage to get the balls on the green.  The other balls that I had successfully placed in their basins are still where I left them, which is nice.  I place the final two in their sockets, and the shrine is revealed.

This shrine is called Buried Secrets or something to that effect, and it involves bombing rocks to reveal a steel box which I need to use to trigger a floor switch to open the shrine master’s chamber.  It’s a very simple solution, not tricky in any way. 

There are two chests in the shrine, one hidden behind a bombable rock underneath the starting platform, which contains the rubber armor to complete my set.  I’d been wondering where I would find it, and of course it’s in the shrine that’s in the middle of a thunderstorm.  The other chest is on top of a tall square pillar, too high to climb, and the blocks are no help at all, as they are not climbable and I can’t push them together to make stairs.  I solve this one by using the magnetic block to knock the chest off the pillar and onto the floor.  My reward is a silver Rupee.

Exiting the shrine, the thunderstorm has dissipated outside, and the skies are fair.  

Thinking about where else I can go, I decide to try to finish the Spring of Power shrine quest, and for that I will need Dinraal’s scale.  The red dragon appears regularly flying over the deep canyon by Tabantha snowfield, so I transport there.  I see him, but not close enough to get a shot at scoring a scale.  While running, my shrine sensor starts going off, and I follow the signal, across the canyon to where the weather is warm and rainy.  I have to fight monsters along the way, and eventually I zero in on the shrine, and it’s halfway up a cliff behind a bombable rock.  To get to it, I have to climb to the top of the cliff and then fire a bomb arrow down, and glide into the cave that it opens up.  It’s too rainy to climb up from the bottom, so I walk a long way and go up a walkable grade around to the left, and then make my way back until I’m up above the bombable rock.  At first I try dropping remote bombs down to it, but I can’t quite reach with a throw, and my timing isn’t good, and it’s taking too much time, so I bite the bullet and fire a bomb arrow down and it does the job in one shot.

I swoop in and the shrine has no challenge, it’s just a blessing shrine, finding it is its own reward.  I get another 100 rupee chest, and a Spirit Orb, and then I’m on my way again.

I still want to find Dinraal the fire dragon, so I can get some pieces of him to improve my armor, or whatever, I forget what exactly needs it, but it’ll be good if I can find it.  I go back to the canyon, and head north-east until I get to the start of it, near the location of the Forgotten Temple.  I’m sure Dinraal will appear here if I wait long enough, but I’m not sure what time.  So I wait and wait, and it rains and rains, and Dinraal never shows up. I get tired of waiting for him, and give up and try to find the other dragon, Naydra.  I’ve never gotten a scale or anything from Naydra, either, and I’m sure those would come in handy.  I transport out to the Spring of Wisdom and climb up to the top of Mount Lanayru to see if he’s there, as he often is, but this time he’s not, and after waiting around for the better part of the day all I’ve managed to do is waste some time.

Zelda: BOTW Diary (72)

I’m on a foraging quest, looking for stuff that I can use to augment my clothing to max it out with Fairy enhancements. I don’t really need do to this, but it’s something to do before I go on to complete the game.  The armor boosts are definitely helpful, but I avoid combat so much, and at this point I have so much of the game completed that it’s unlikely I’ll ever need to wear certain outfits again, unless I decide I want to go back to visit a part of the world that I have no real reason to revisit other than that I feel like it.

Around Goron City on Death Mountain, I collect numerous fireproof lizards, which are needed to improve my fireproof armor suit, which I don’t really need to wear any longer, except if I’m going to Death Mountain.  I also need something called a smotherwing butterfly, which I have found one of, also on Death Mountain.  Butterflies are hard to catch, because you have to sneak up on them, and most of the time I’m trying to move at full speed to get from point A to point B, so I rarely stop to catch them, and usually by the time I’ve spotted them, it’s too late and I’ve already startled them, and they fly away.  Same too with the lizards for that matter, but at least I know they are plentiful around the South Goron Mine site.

I go there, and find a bunch of lizards, but not one butterfly.  I talk to the Goron who’s name ends in -son, Greyson,and tell him about Tarrey Town; he and his little brother Pelison decide to head there to start a new life.

I transport over to Korok village, where I’ve read I can find the stealthfin trout that I need.  I find some at the lake in the southwest part of Hyrule Forest, but not that many — only 3 or 4, maybe, and I need something like 30 of them.

For yellow lizalfos tails and molduga parts, there’s only one place to go for those — Gerudo Desert.  Well, I could get lizalfos tails around Zora’s Domain, also, but in Gerudo I can find both. I encounter a number of yellow lizalfos randomly and hunt and take down two Molduga.  They don’t seem as hard to kill now, I’m sure the stronger weapons I have now make it a much easier quarry to kill.  I take one out with two bombs and a flurry of blows from the one remaining Dragonbone Moblin Club in my inventory, which does the trick just as it is broken on the last hit – exactly one DMC exchanged for one dead Molduga.

I go to the Fairy in Gerudo and augment what I can, and then I return back to Death Mountain to look for more butterflies.  I talk to more Gorons in Goron City, and pick up two new sidequests.  One is to defeat an Igneus Stone Talus by a lava lake near the Abandoned Northern Mine area.  I head out that way, taking a long route looking for butterflies, but I only see one, and it gets away from me.  I do end up foraging a lot of gemstones, though, which is good for selling to get more rupees, which I’m going to need a lot of for the Akkala Tech Lab gear and for the Hateno Tech Lab picture album. 

While I’m in the vicinity, I spot a giant skeleton on the map, and it looks like it may have a skull intact, so I head that way to check it out, and sure enough I found the last Leviathan skeleton to complete that sidequest at Serenne Stable.  I glide down and land on the skull, and hear a lot of monster chatter below.  It seems there’s a large group of bokoblins and moblins hanging out underneath the ribcage.  I drop bombs on them until they all die, which is a lot of bombs, but I’m patient and it only takes time.  Once they’re all done, I drop down and pick up loot, and then snap a photo of the skull.

I find and slay the Talus, and return to Goron City to close out the side quest, and then transport to Serenne stables to show the photo to the scientist and close out that sidequest, and then I decide to head to Tarrey Town to see what happened with Greyson and Pelison. 

They’ve settled in nicely and Greyson works for Hudson, removing rocks and he keeps the minerals, which Pelison sells at his little shop.  It’s way more than I’d pay for the stuff, since I can pick it up at will for little effort, but if I particularly need a diamond and have 2000 Rs burning a hole in my pocket, I guess I can go there.

Hudson is happy, and wants more wood bundles from me to build more houses.  I give him what I have, and he tells me he wants to find a tailor who can mend his clothes. I don’t need the hint, but he mentions Gerudo, so back I go to the Gerudo oasis, where I met the Gerudo woman who was a skilled tailor, and tell her about Tarrey Town.  She heads off to make her fortune there. 

I teleport back to Tarrey Town to find her, she’s set up shop already, and Hudson is happy.  He wants even more wood bundles, which I happen to have enough, so I give them to him, and then he tells me he wants to find a person to run a shop.  There was a Rito in the Rito village who wanted to own his own store and sell his own things one day; I transport out there and go talk to him, and he says he’ll check it out. 

I go back to Tarrey Town and he’s settled in and created his own store, where he sells arrows and I buy some — he has the best price I’ve seen on bundles of normal arrows, plus he has an Ancient Gear that I could use for augmentations, so I buy that as well.  

More people have settled in Tarrey Town, and it’s become a real village, with a diverse population from all over Hyrule. There’s an old couple who moved here to retire, and a rich man who hires me to take care of some Guardians who are patrolling the wetlands down below Tarrey Town.  I glide down there, equip my Ancient armor suit, and fight them; they go down easily with the Master Sword, and I reap a ton of ancient parts from them.  There’s a whole bunch of ruined Guardians scattered all about in this area, as well, so I make sure to visit each one and pick up what I can find there.

I get a bunch of screws, some gears, and a few shafts, but no more cores.  I am low on cores and need to find more in order to augment my ancient armor further.  I guess I’ll just have to continue hunting Guardians, which, now that I’m this powerful, shouldn’t be a problem anymore.

There’s a young family who has moved to Tarrey Town as well, for the health of their daughter, who 

Hudson wants still more wood from me, but I’m tapped out, and it’s going to be a while before I can amass the 50 bundles he needs to continue building.  It seems that Tarrey Town has a lot of sidequests that keep opening up the more you do there.

I go back to the Fairy fountain near Tarrey Town and augment my clothes a bit more, and also to check and see what else I need to find in order to do the rest of it.  On the way back from the fountain to Tarry Town, I spot Kilton’s hot air balloon, down on the shore of the lake surrounding the bluff that Tarrey Town is build atop of.  I glide down to pay him a visit, snap a photo, and see what he has for sale at Fang and Bone, which is now open.

Kilton explains to me that he only takes Mon, a currency he invented, which I can obtain by giving him monster parts.  I happen to have a lot of monster parts in my inventory, and since I don’t make many elixirs, there’s never any shortage, even though I don’t go out of my way to fight a lot, I still have dozens to over a hundred of this and that, most of which I have little use for, and have been trading in for Rupees at the shops of Hyrule so I can pay for clothes and armor.

I trade him enough monster parts to get me up over 1200-1400 Mon, and then I buy his Dark armor, just the body suit part.  It allows me to run faster at night, supposedly, which I guess that’s good.  I take it to the Fairy fountain later and find that it cannot be augmented, though, which means it’s stuck at a defense rating of 3, which is paltry, and that kindof sucks.  Considering how late in the game it is for me to be doing this part of the game, it doesn’t seem like Kilton is all that essential or useful to me at this point.  

He also sells some other stuff — masks, that would allow me to be ignored by a type of monster if I wear it:  lizal, moblin, bokoblin, or lynel.  And some horse gear which I guess accomplishes the same thing for my horse if I’m riding. 

I just don’t see a lot of need for this stuff, especially now.  I can kill anything I want to in the game now, at will, with the exception of Lynels, who are still a challenge, but if I take them on I can prevail.  And anything I don’t want to kill, I can run away from without difficulty, and even if it was difficult, I could just teleport using my Sheikah Slate.  So Kilton’s Fang and Bone inventory seems all rather superflulous.  It’s nice, I guess, but I’m nonplussed.

It’s possible, I suppose, that when I decide to take on Ganon, that some of Kilton’s masks would come in handy to help me avoid encounters leading up to Ganon so that I can conserve hearts and weapons.  But otherwise it’s probably not all that important, and serves more to provide padding to make the game longer and give me more to do en route to 100% completion.

I have my photo of Kilton, which the guard at Akkala stables wanted to see.  So I go there and show him, and complete that sidequest.  He gives me some rupees for my trouble.  I worry though that this will mean trouble for Kilton somehow down the road, and while Kilton is creepy and lacking in charm, I don’t think he’s harmful to anyone but monsters, and deserves to be left be.

Zelda: BOTW Diary (71)

I wait all night by the hot springs where Dugby and Grapp are hanging out, and to pass the time a bit I screw around finding mineral deposits and a couple of korok seeds.  Morning comes, and Dugby finally wakes up, and I show him the drill bit spear, and he tells me I found his secret, so I can keep it.  Gee, thanks, Dugby.  

The spear only does 15 damage, but it can be used to mine ore, so it’s not completely useless, I guess.

I head back down toward Goron City, and on the way back I spot a gigantic ribcage sitting in the magma flow below to the right of the road.  I figure there’s a korok seed there, and I glide down to find out I am right. I was hoping I might also spot the skull of the Eldin Leviathan here, but it’s not anywhere I can find it so far.

I also climb up to some high points and find another seed or two.  This game is nothing if consistent at meeting expectations.

As I come back down the road, I decide to play around with the mine carts on the tracks, and figure out that if I drop a bomb into the basket at the rear, it will propel the mine car.  It looks like the explosion would do damage to someone sitting in the car, but after trying it one time I find that it does not, making them a usable thing. 

On the way back to Goron City, I stop again at the Abandoned North Mine, and try to find the missing Goron.  I glide out to the magma-flooded mine area, and it has been taken over by fire-lizals, who I take out the easy way using ice arrows. At a couple of points, there are cannons set up that I use to shell their fortifications, which makes defeating them considerably easier than it was even with the ice arrows.  I find a few weapon chests, and a shrine signal.  

I locate the missing Goron, he is trapped in the mine, behind some rocks that have sealed the entrance.  They are glowing a dim red, so must be very hot, and yet I don’t take damage from them if I touch them. 

I can’t figure out how to free him.  Ice weapons don’t do anything, nor do the two goron weapons that I’ve found, nor do bombs, magnesis, or time-stop. So I’m stuck for the time being. 

I think, maybe I’m just supposed to locate him, then go back and tell the Gorons, and they’ll put together a rescue operation.  So I go all the way back to the front of the North Mine area and find the Goron who I talked to the day before, and he’s still there, but he just says the same stuff he said the first time I talked to him, and there’s no provision for me to convey that I have found his missing buddy.

I note a couple of other spots where similar looking rocks are, they are a bit different looking from most of the rocks, and they have a slightly translucent, slightly glowing appearance to them, but I can’t figure out any way to interact with them at all.

I  keep thinking that maybe there’s some way to aim the cannons, and there’s one that is close to where it would hit the mine entrance if only it were angled a little more to the right, but there doesn’t seem to be any way to make adjustments to their aim or position.

I do have to say that the voice actor who does the Goron’s screams for help is probably the best voice acting in the game.  He sounds really scared.  In a lot of the voice acting, there seems to be a bit of tongue in cheek humor, or campiness about it.  Like when the great fairies try to kiss Link, it’s supposed to be funny.  But this guy seems real-scared, not comedy-scared.  

I’m not sure how to get him out of there, and it’s probably not going to occur to me for quite a while, as whatever clues there may have been in this area have gone completely over my head at this point, and I have no idea what it’s going to take to get him out.

I wander around the area, looking for something that might help, and decide to investigate that shrine signal.  The shrine is inside a cave that is accessible only by mine cart, and I have to actually put the mine cart onto the tracks using magnesis, so it’s not the easiest to find, but having played with the tracks a few minutes earlier, it’s not that hard to discover.  I give Nintendo’s level designers credit for giving me the clues to put it together, but making it subtle enough that it feels like I’m smart for figuring it out.  Good job, guys.

Inside the shrine is one of the larger and more difficult ones to figure out that I’ve been through.  I give up on it after puzzling for an hour, but come back fresh the next day and figure it out.  At the beginning, there’s a large magnetic block on a guillotine-like track that I can lift it up and down on, and it has spikes on the bottom.  I can lift it high over me and run through just fine, and it falls behind me but there’s no real danger.  Past that, it gets trickier.  There’s two staircases leading up from the platform I’m on, at right angles to each other, forward and to my left, and both of them have breaks in the middle.  The floor is lava, and so there’s got to be some way to bridge the gap to make it up.  The one to the left is obvious:  a couple of metal platforms on rails that I can move with magnetism, and if I go straight up the stairs there’s a blue flame brazier, and if I go left there’s a treasure chest.  The chest contains a torch, so I have to ditch one of my Dragonbone Moblin Clubs to use the torch to light more braziers throughout the level.  

I do so, and walk down to the platform on the original level.  The broken staircase to my left is still inaccessible to me, but there’s a torch atop it, and I need to get up there somehow to light it.  Ahead of me, the platform extends maybe a hundred meters or so, and I see a series of water fountains spraying the platform; somehow or other, I have to make it past them all with a lit torch and keep it dry.

It’s easier than it looks; the first two, I simply walk across, and then I can duck under the third, an I get the next brazier lit with no problem.

This activates an elevator, which goes up and down, conveying an unlit brazier.  I don’t know what to do with it at first, and get stuck here, trying to work it out.  After I quit and come back the next day, I realize I can hit it with a flaming arrow.  I light one of my normal arrows with the blue flame from the brazier and fire it off, and hit the elevator brazier on the first try.  Lighting it triggers the remaining staircase segment to rise up out of the lava to complete the way up to the rest of the level.

I light the brazier at the top of the stairs, and this triggers a chute to pivot downward, and a rolling spiky metal ball comes down at me.  I’m too dumb to get out of the way, and it hits me, knocking me back and into the lava.  I should have expected and been ready with magnesis or time stop, but after I respawn I’m back on the chute, and the spikey ball is gone, so it’s fine.  

I walk up to the next platform level, and there’s more braziers to light and more fountains to confound me.  The next one involves three braziers; the central one is easy to light, and stays lit when I do.  The other two, as soon as I light one, it triggers a fountain to extinguish it.  I use time stop and this prevents the fountain from activating, and so I’m able to light the two remaining braziers, and this triggers the gate in front of me to open.  I proceed through, and have an easy combat with some mini-Guardians, who are standing on dry leaves. Even three of them are not a difficult challenge for me; I use weapons on the first two, but then back up and light up the leaves and the third one is incinerated.

At the end of the level, there’s another brazier-fountain puzzle; this one has a circle of five braziers, and I can only get 2-4 lit at once before the fountains activate, and time stop doesn’t help here.  I solve it by using a charge-attack to spin with the torch, and light all five in a split second.  It’s obvious once I figure it out, but because I’m thinking about more creative solutions, it takes a while to come to the easy solution.

I don’t get anything here that helps me rescue the trapped Goron in the mine, so I resort to googling for help.  It turns out that I was on the right track with the cannons.  They are aimable.  But to aim them, you have to hit a switch at the rear of the assembly with a weapon.  These cannons are clearly made out of metal, and in keeping true to the game’s “multiple answers, whatever works” philosophy, there should have been multiple ways to move these cannons into position: the switch, magnesis, timestop + pummeling, whatever works, right?  I had tried to “use” the switch with the A button, like it was a door or something else you pick up or interact with, but for whatever reason that’s not how you flip these switches — you have to pound them with a weapon.

I didn’t figure that out for over an hour, because so many of the game’s puzzles had multiple correct answers for creative gamers to figure out, and this one has one specific solution.  Boo.

I aim the cannon and blow the mine entrance open, rescuing the Goron.  His name is hard for me to remember how to spell right, but it is multi-syllabic, Japanese-sounding, and starts with Y.  I’ll just call him Y, then.  He is the descendant of Daruk, the Goron Champion from 100 years ago who fought side by side with Link.  He returns to Goron City, and I do as well.  We talk to the Boss, and we decide to try to attack the Divine Beast Vah Rudania.  

The approach is perilous.  Rudania launches copter drones and they start patrolling the path up Death Mountain.  Y needs to come with me, as he’s a “human cannonbal” for the cannons.  He has a special power, Daruk’s Protection, which makes him invulnerable, which makes him an ideal artillery shell.  

This seems, frankly, a bit farfetched, but I guess if Legend of Zelda was an after-school cartoon, it’d be fine.  But it’s a tad lame.

Anyway, I’m supposed to lead Y up the mountain, avoiding detection by the drone copters, and launch him — multiple times — from various cannon emplacements, to weaken Rudania enough to enable me to enter.  There’s no mention of Rudania having a shield or anything.  It seems like Link could realistically just ride up on a thermal with his glider and get onto Rudania directly, without all this cannon nonsense.  But this is what the game has us do.

I have to signal to Y when the coast is clear, and he’s always too slow and too big, so triggers the drone copters anyway.  When this happens, Rudania goes nuts and triggers an avalanche of magma bombs that damn near wipe me out.  I am able to take cover the first time, the second time I’m out in the open and lose about half my hearts, and the third and fourth times I am able to find adequate cover so I’m able to avoid the worst of it.

The rest of the way, I just destroy the damn copter drones, using metal boxes and magnesis to slam them. they’re not the super-powerful, deadly drones I’ve encountered elsewhere, but mini-sentries, so they only take a couple of hits.  

We fire Y at Vah Rudania 3-4 times, Rudania falls into the lava crater, and now finally it’s time for me to go.  I jump down and enter the Beast.

It’s much the same as the others; I have four access terminals that I need to reach and activate, and doing so requires solving some platform puzzles, aided by manipulating Rudania through the map.  He can change orientations by 90 degrees, and that’s it.  I figure it out without a whole lot of fuss. 

Then I go to the main control console to re-assert control over the Divine Beast, which of course triggers the Calamity Ganon Boss to appear, Fireblight Ganon.

I find Fireblight Ganon difficult to hit with the sword, but easy to hit with frost arrows, which seem to do a lot of damage.  When I nail him in the eye, He drops, but not far enough for me to hit him. I swing and miss uselessly, and Ganon recovers, and flies away to resume the attack. 

Fortunately I have a bunch of frost arrows, enough to take him down below half his hit points, which triggers his second attack mode.  He creates a powerful shield, and charges up a weapon to release a big fireball at me.  I can’t penetrate the shield, but the fireballs I can shoot down with ice arrows.  I can’t figure out how to hit him, and I’m starting to run out of ideas, when the voice of Daruk comes in and tells me that my regular weapons won’t work.  I run up closely and hit him with Urbosa’s Fury, and this does get through his shield, and actually does fantastic damage.  Two Urbosa’s Fury, and he’s down for the count, and I’ve cleared Vah Rudania.

After re-activating Rudania, Daruk’s spirit appears and gives me his Defense ability, the same shield that Y uses when he’s a cannonball. I transport back to Goron City to receive the thanks of Boss Bludo.  He gives me a weapon that belonged to Daruk.

I transport to Kakariko village to see Impa, who tells me I am ready to face Calamity Ganon at Hyrule Castle.  I try to touch their sheikah orb, thinking that now, finally, I should be able to carry it up the hill to the basin where I’ve been wanting to take it since I first got to Kakariko. While I’m here, I visit the Fairy and get my armor outfits upgraded as much as possible, but I don’t have all the materials needed to take them up to max.

I make a list of stuff to find, and set out to find it:

I need more fireproof lizards, yellow lizalfos tails, some kind of firey butterfly that I’ve only seen one of, way up on Death Mountain, stealthfin trout, hearty bass, and Lynel parts, Molduga parts, and more.

Zelda: BOTW Diary (70)

Standing atop Eldin Tower, I survey my surroundings for a bit, pondering where to go.  I see a lake of lava with two islands on it, and decide that looks promising, and glide down towards it.  As I get over the lava, the temperature goes up, and I equip my Gerudo male armor, thinking that it will give me adequate tolerance of the heat, but it doesn’t, and I continue taking damage.  I equip an ice weapon, and it does nothing to reduce the ambient temperature in my immediate surroundings.  After a couple of seconds, I catch fire. 

Nope! I teleport back to the top of Eldin tower.  Not ready for that area, apparently!

Looking to the south and east, there’s a canyon below which is filled with a river. The water looks warm and inviting, and I see numerous mineral ore deposits that I should be able to mine, so I glide down that way instead, and explore a bit.  I mine the minerals, and I also find a couple or three korok seeds.  The water is indeed inviting, steamy, and has healing properties, so I get my lost hearts back wading about. But there isn’t much else around here to find or do.

I begin walking along the road to see where it goes; it goes up. Before long, I encounter a fully-functional Guardian, who I fight and defeat without difficulty using the Master Sword.  Along the way there are numerous fire chuchus and fire kees, which are nuissance enemies, and I try to take them out with bombs, or by firing the Master Sword at them.  I discovered that if you try to throw the Master Sword, it shoots a beam of energy — a callback to the original LoZ.  

I’m detecting a shrine nearby, and eventually I determine it’s on the far side of the canyon, after gliding over that way.  I find it, below in a small cul-de-sac of stone.  Above it on the ridge is a large monster treehouse, which I clear out and find another Royal Shield and Royal Bow.  One of the monsters I kill is a moblin who wields a goron smasher,  which looks like it would be a fearsome weapon, but only has an attack rating of 15, making it barely better than a standard iron sledgehammer. I leave it, my inventory is full of better weapons.

I find another korok seed on the ridge, and then cross back over the canyon to explore the roadway up into Death Mountain. I go up and up, mining ore deposits along the way and killing kees and chuchus as I encounter them. There’s also the occasional octorock, and once in a while I run into a moblin or lizal.  At night, more moblin skeletons pop up, and I deal with them.  They drop Dragonbone Moblin Clubs, which are one of my favorite weapons, for they have a heavy damage and do a lot of knockback.  

Along the road, I encounter a sign that tells me I’m on the road to Goron City, and I am glad to know that I’m on the right path.  I keep going, and it gets hotter, and now wooden equipment spontaneously ignites if used.  I get free fire arrows out of this, but I can’t use my wooden bows or shields, or they ignite and burn me.  And if my wood weapons catch fire, they do extra damage, but get burned up quickly.  A short distance past the second roadsign, the heat gets more intense, and I have to use an elixir to resist the heat and prevent myself from catching fire again.  I use the first elixir, which gives me only 3:40 or so of time, so I move quickly, skipping anything that isn’t essential — I quickly dispatch monsters with bombs but don’t bother picking up their remains unless they’re directly in my path, ignore ore deposits, etc.  I encounter a second fully functional Guardian, and fight it, but I manage to get it down quickly, and it drops a bunch of mechanical parts which I do pick up.  

Eventually, after a time I get to a small mining camp where I find some Goron workers digging with picks.  I talk to them but they’re mostly busy, but they seem friendly. I meet a Hylian, as well, who tells me that up ahead it gets even hotter, and more dangerous, and he’s leaving the area to go back home.  He wanted to bring some fireproof lizards home as souvenirs, but forgot to get them, and they’re too fast for him, but if I can find ten for him, he’ll give me his fireproof armor, since he won’t be needing it any longer.

Looking in my inventory, I have but a single fireproof lizard.  Lizards are one of the forage items that I rarely pick up.  They’re fast, somewhat hard to see until the last minute, and if you don’t creep up slowly on them, they get away from you.  In the general area of this mining camp, though, they are plentiful, and I find numerous lizards hiding under rocks.  I use up a second elixir, this one is more powerful, and gives me 6 minutes of heat resistance, and it’s enough time for me to find enough lizards with about 40 seconds to spare.  The Hylian is good as his word, and gives me his fireproof armor.

I equip it, and once the elixir wears off I find I am still comfortable.

One of the Gorons at the mine has a name that ends in -son, which means I can try to convince him to go to Tarrytown in Akkala to help out with the construction, as part of one of my sidequests.  But when I talk to him, he says he’s busy working, and I should come back at night if I want to talk.

It’s pretty early in the day, and I don’t want to just sit around, so I spend as much time as I can, blowing up mineral deposits and foraging gems. But once those run out, it’s still only early afternoon.  I proceed forward, and come to another monster treehouse, this one has two fire lizals, and 4 or 5 moblins, and a couple of bokoblins.  I take the lizals out with ice arrows from afar, and then paraglide to the treehouse and start kicking ass.

Using a royal claymore, I deal a lot of damage and quickly take down the bokoblins and one of the moblins, before breaking my sword; then I switch to a Dragonbone Moblin Club and mop up the rest.  There are three treasure chests here, one with a weapon, one with a Royal Shield, and one with a gem.  I also blow up all their storage boxes and they yield gems and meat, which instantly cooks in the extreme heat.

I continue on the road, fighting a few more octorocks and chuchus and kees, and soon I reach the Goron City.  The Gorons are friendly, cheerful, and hearty, and they love to work hard at mining, and they love the heat, but they tell me that due to the Divine Beast it has gotten too hot even for them, leading to them closing their Northern Mine, which they can no longer safely work, and also magma bombs keep falling from the sky, which is bad for tourism.

I find an armor shop, where I buy the rest of the fireproof armor suit.  The pants are 700 Rs, but the helmet is 2000 Rs.  I have almost 7000 Rs when I get to this store, but I’d been planning on spending it on Ancient Armor at the Akkala Tech Lab.  I guess I’ll have to scrape together even more money to do that now.  

With the full suit of fireproof armor, I’m well protected against the heat, and can survive even hotter parts of Death Mountain.  I talk to a few more of the Gorons in the City, including the Boss, who tells me he is looking for one of his workers who went to the Abandoned North Mine to find painkillers for his bad back, but hasn’t returned.  

I hear my shrine sensor going off, and after climbing a bit I find the nearby shrine, so I go and activate it and enter, and clear a series of challenges involving burning stuff with fire, which aren’t too hard to solve.

Exiting the shrine, I just sortof go off in a direction and eventually I find the Abandoned North Mine area.  There’s a Goron there, but he’s not the one I’m looking for.  He knows the missing Goron, though, and tells me where he last saw him, but tells me that it’s too dangerous for a Hylian to be up here, and I shouldn’t try to find him.  

There’s a cannon at the North Mine, which they use to keep the Divine Beast at bay, and I fire it a few times by dropping a sheikah bomb into it, and setting it off.  It launches a shell, but I don’t seem to have any way to aim it, and it has little purpose.

I continue a bit further along the road, and after fighting some more octorocks and a lizal or two, I find a hot springs area where I meet another Goron who is bathing there.  He tells me that these springs aren’t hot enough for him, but he can’t go to where he likes to go normally because it’s too dangerous now. He also warns me about the Divine Beast.  OK I get it, he’s very hot. 

I proceed a bit further, and come to yet another shrine.  This one involves a massive stone block being launched into the air again and again by a spring-loaded platform.  Each time it launches into the air, an electrified column in its center completes a circuit which briefly opens the gate to the shrine master’s chamber, but only for a split second.  

I figure out that if I stand on the ground next to the massive block, it will launch me into the air, and then I can paraglide and fall slower, and so land on top of the massive block.  From there, I try to figure out the timing to glide into the shrine master’s chamber, but it’s too difficult. After a few unsuccessful tries, I realize that I can use the time stop power on the stone, to lock it into place while the gate is open, and this gives me plenty of time to glide into the master’s chamber.  I do this, and also pick up a chest on a high shelf, and clear the shrine.

After emerging from the shrine, I proceed a short distance further, and reach the bridge, which the Goron at the spring told me was up, to prevent the Divine Beast from reaching this area.  I get my first up close look at the Divine Beast Vah Rudania.  It is very impressive, climbing along the side of the volcano, its feet aflame, fearsome and mighty.  I just stand and watch it for a time as it circles the volcano magestically.

I am not sure what to do about the bridge, but it seems like there must be some story objectives that I need to accomplish first before I can proceed further. I figure I might as well head back down and maybe I’ll find the missing Goron worker somewhere between here and the Goron City.

Looking around, I spot a lava lake with an island in the middle, with a couple of ore deposits, and I decide to go there and harvest them quickly; from there I can probably just teleport back to the nearest shrine or to the City shrine.  When I land on the island, I awaken an Igneous Stone Talus, a red hot magma monster who rises up out of the ground.  I shoot it with an ice arrow to cool it a little bit, then climb on its back, and swing my mighty Goron hammer weapon, which does a great deal of damage.  It’s the perfect weapon for the job, and I manage to take down the Talus without taking any damage, using just one ice arrow and a flurry of blows from the Goron hammer.  It drops many gems, and I pick them all up, then extract the ore from the island’s deposits.  I’m able to glide to a nearby rock wall to climb out.

When I do I go up to the highest local point and look around for anything else that might be interesting.  Seeing nothing that stands out, I glide back down to the hot springs, where I find the Goron I met earlier, and now I notice that he is with a child Goron, who I talk to.  The child, Dugby, tells me he left a treasure between here and the bridge.  I go back and look for it, and find a bombable rock, and behind it there is a Goron drill spear.  I grab it, and take it back to show the kid, but by now it is dark, so he is asleep.

I guess I’ll hang out at the spring tonight, and go back to the City and resume my quest in the morning.

Zelda: BOTW Diary (69)

The Koroks have three more trials for me:

The Trial of Wood. I am given a shield, sword, and bow made of wood, and told to find a shrine along a path that is full of monsters.  I encounter kees, bokoblin skeletons, and chuchus, and octorocks. Some of them are electric or firey.  But none are especially challenging to fight. The restrictions on this challenge are that I must keep the weapons given to me equipped, and cannot break them.  I don’t. I get through it and reach the shrine, and it’s not hard.  There’s also some mud bog places where I use my cryonis power to create a temporary bridge out of ice.  They tell me this is the most challenging trial, but I did it first.

The second trial is a Lost Woods Maze, where the trick is to use your magnesis power to cause iron balls stuck in the mouths of the monster trees to glow pink, and point the way through the maze.  They tell you this, not very cryptically, at the start of the trial, so it’s not difficult to figure out.  At the end of the maze, I have to put a shield in the mouth of one of the trees to make a treasure chest appear in the mouth of another.  Then I have to cross a swamp lake to reach the shrine and collect my spirit orb.  There’s a raft, but it’s swimmable.  I actually use the treasure chest to push the raft using magnet power, which works surprisingly well to propel it across the water, as I do not have a korok leaf.  There were many korok leaves lying about, but I didn’t want to drop an item to pick it up, and then forget it later.

The final trial is the one I find the hardest. I’m supposed to go through the Lost Woods to the northwest of the Great Deku Tree and find a shrine.  I had such a hard time finding my way through the Lost Woods to get to the Korok village in the first place.  As I start out on the trail, I meet a little Korok guy who is scared, but wants to do the trial by himself. Every time I talk to him after that he tells me to stop scaring him.  I walk  forward and can’t find a way to the shrine, and there’s no clues, either.

I step forward to try again, and then I notice another korok, apparently this one’s parent, and it tells me it would like me to hang back and keep watch over the korok going through the trial, without him seeing me, so he thinks he did it alone.  I agree, and try to do it, but the little guy keeps seeing me.

The mist and his natural camouflage make it super hard to see him if I let him get too far ahead, and occasionally he will pause and look around to get his bearings, and at those times he’s apt to look backward and spot me.  If I make noise, or if I move too close, he’ll spot me.  

It takes me 5-6 tries before I finally do it.  Toward the end, there’s an encounter with a wolf, who I have to take down silently in order to keep from being discovered.  I manage to do so using my bow, an arrow to the head with my most powerful bow one-shots the wolf and I am able to keep quiet.

Finally, I let the little guy complete his trial, then I walk up and reveal myself; he thinks he did it himself and tells me to go on and check out the shrine. 

I’ve gotten 3 more spirit orbs from all this, and I think I’m probably done with the Lost Woods area, and I’m glad to have completed everything there is to do in this area.  Well, there may be more, perhaps as yet undiscovered quests, maybe even more korok seeds to trade to Hestu.  I’ve given him my last 30, for another inventory slot for bow and shield.  The bow inventory is maxed out, but I can probably take 1-2 more weapon slots and several more shield slots, if I can find more korok seeds.  It’s gotten very expensive to fund additional weapon slots, and I am probably fine with what I have, but it’s not like I’m going to pass up a korok seed if I happen to find one.

I guess now it’s time to look through my unfinished quests and try to figure out what I can do next.

I take a look through my adventure log and check to see what else I can do quickly.

I go to Hateno village and complete the “Gift for My Beloved” quest.  I could never figure this one out, because it tells me I’m supposed to talk to Prima, but any time I do she just wants to treat me like a customer at the inn.  I cheat and look it up, and to trigger the conversation where she tells me what she likes, I have to walk around the counter to talk to her face to face.  This seems very unintuitive and annoys me, but I do it.  She tells me she likes crickets.  I go back and tell the dude who likes her this, and he wants me to give him 10 crickets.  I have that many in inventory already so I do, and the quest is completed.  He gives me 100 rupees.

At one of the stables there was a woman who was looking for the Hero of Hyrule, and she would know him if he carried the Master Sword.  I go there and show her, and she is impressed with the sword, but not with me, and tells me to go save the world, I’m not her type. Pfft!

At the stables up in Tabantha, there was a woman who wanted to see what a stalhorse looks like.  Supposedly they are found in North Tabantha snowfield, near some ancient ruins to the east.  I go up there and wander about at night for several days and never see one.  I do end up harvesting a lot of ice kees wings, which I need, so that’s good, and I also see two more lynels, who I avoid fighting for now.  I keep running around and I am attacked by bokoblins on regular horses, and lizals who shoot arrows at me, which I pick up and replenish my arrow stocks with.  I also bomb tons of moose and wolves and harvest a lot of meat.  Eventually I give up looking around Tabantha for the stalhorse, and try looking up where the F they are really found, because I don’t even see ancient ruins on the eastern part of the North Tabantha Snowfield.  

The first google result is for a youtube video showing a different location completely, somewhere near Highland stable.  So I go there, walk to the area, build a fire, sit by it until night, and some bokoblin skeletons show up riding stalhorses, I snap a really good picture of one riding at me, about to launch a fire arrow my way, and transport back to Tabantha to show the woman. She gives me another 100 rupees.

Next, I’m supposed to find the leviathan skeleton in Eldin and take a picture of it.  I haven’t really been to Eldin yet, it’s the volcanic region, and all I’ve done there so far is unlock the tower.  I have no idea where to start looking for the leviathan skeleton, and it’s a dangerous, mountainous area where climbing is difficult and visibility is often obscured by mountains in the way.  This one could take me all day, and then some.  And I’ll probably run into other things to do while I’m there, since I haven’t been through it at all yet.

I transport to the tower, and from the top try to scope around with my telescope, hoping to see a clue about where I might start looking.

Zelda: BOTW Diary (68)

I transport to the shrine in the heart of the Hyrule Woods where all the koroks live.  I want to find the Master Sword, and I don’t want to get distracted again by something else before I find it.

I arrive, and see Hestu, and I buy another Shield slot for my inventory.  Then I turn around, and walk literally about 20 feet and find it: The Master Sword!  It was right there, in front of the giant tree that I’d climbed at least four or five times to go up to visit the korok that tells riddles.  If I’d gone around to this side of the tree, I would have found it!  So dumb!

I go to grab the sword, but the Deku tree wakes up and talks to me, and there’s a cutscene where Link hears Zelda’s voice from the past. It’s imparted how important the sword is, and how I must be worthy in order to wield it.

Well, OK.  I pull the sword out of the rock, and doing so drains some of my hearts, but I have enough, and I retrieve the sword.  Hooray!

I notice a few more koroks about who don’t disappear when I start to approach them, so I get to talk to them.  I pick up a bunch of new sidequests.  One wants to see a picture of a blupee which is what those glowing spirit bunnies that drop rupees when you hit them with an arrow are called, apparently.  I don’t have a photo in my album to show him, so I’ll need to go out to Kakariko village and get one.  

There’s a tunnel leading into the heart of the Deku tree, where there’s a few more koroks.  One has created a bed for me to sleep in for free, which is nice; two have shops, and I buy out all their arrows to re-supply.

I talk to another korok, who wants to see a blizzard rod.  I know where to find one — in Gerudo on top of the mountain where I couldn’t figure out the secret of the mountaintop shrine, is where I encountered my first white wizzorobe.

So, then:

I transport to Kakariko village.  I snap a picture of a blupee.  I go to the fairy pond, and get four fairies and get some more upgrades for my outfits.  I go to the arrow shop in Kakariko, and buy out all their arrows.  I go and talk to Impa and her assistant, and they are impressed that I have the Master Sword now, but they tell me I need to get all of the Divine Beasts under control. Only the last one remains, the lizard on the volcano.  OK OK.  I still can’t touch their sacred orb. Maybe later.

I transport out to the nearest shrine to the Gerudo mountain where I solve the riddle of the cold shadow.  Earlier when I had read the clues in the diary about the puzzle, I thought that the “pedestal” it was referring to was the oddly shaped columns nearby, at the top of the peak.  I wasn’t sure if they glowed at night, but it looked like maybe if I squinted they were very faintly reflecting moonlight in a way that could have been a faint glow.  That was a red herring.

Off the mountain, on the wall of the mountain opposite I had observed the round “symbol”, and being that it was on the wall of the cliff face, I didn’t think it was a pedestal.  But given that I’ve seen so many of these now in connection with numerous other shrine quests, I surmise that perhaps these things are pedestals, and I need to cast a shadow on it.  But what is a “cold shadow”?  Well, there are numerous snow balls laying around the mountain top here.  Perhaps I need to pick one up and hold it, at the time of day when the sun is in the right position to cast a shadow on the wall-pedestal?  That was maybe the hardest shrine to figure out for me in the whole game.  Although there have been others that have been pretty hard too.

I have to wait and wait and wait, but I find out that I am right.  OK then.  I go to the shrine after it emerges, and collect my spirit orb.  Then I go find a white wizzorobe and kill him with a fire arrow while falling from mid-air using the bullet-time trick shot technique, and he’s toast.  I pick up the rod, and then teleport to Gerudo.

I try to figure out what to do about the woman on the roof who eats melons non-stop, but it’s night time and I gather that whatever I need to do for her, must be done during the day, because it involves the little girl who wants to grow her garden where the melon rinds collect when they wash down the fountain stream. I’ll come back to it later.

I go over to talk to Rija, and see if she’ll lend me the Thunderhelm now that I have the master sword, but when I ask for it, she tells me that I first have to solve all of Gerudo’s problems.  Well then!  I guess it won’t be anytime soon.

I visit the Gerudo Secret Club and sell off some stuff, and discover that I can sell off the extra diamond pendant that I found in the Akkala labyrinth basement.  It only gets me 325 rupees, though, which is a giant ripoff.  The one I bought cost me 1500!

I transport back out to the Korok’s village, and show the one dude my blizzard rod; he gives me 300 Rupees.  I show the other dude my photo of the blupee, and he gives me 100 Rupees.  I buy more arrows at the shop, and then talk to the one guy who wants me to do the korok trials.  

I guess, why not?  

I’ll see about doing them next time I play.  It feels like I got a lot done this session, even though I didn’t spend a whole lot of time playing.

Master Sword!

The master sword only has a damage rating of 30, which isn’t close to my best weapon right now.  I have royal broadswords with an attack rating of 36 and 52.  I have two handed weapons that have damage above 60, even 74.  This will keep those other weapons relevant in my inventory. I guess from what they told me at the Deku tree cutscene, the sword’s power is greatest when it’s fighting Ganon, so maybe it does extra damage against him.  I sure hope so, or else it’s going to take a long time to kill him.

Zelda: BOTW Diary (67)

Returning to the coastal islands of Akkala, I run out there to find that they are as tall as the cliffs, great natural stone towers.  There are a series of gangplanks and rickety narrow bridges connecting to them.  Each one has numerous mineral deposits and forage plants, which I harvest along the way. 

There are a few helicopter drones patrolling the bridges, but they are very easy to avoid, I find. Along the way, I run into numerous octorocks, and I discover that my Knight’s shield is capable of bouncing their rocks back, which I use to take one out, accidentally.  Neat!

Each island tower has walkways at different levels, and it takes a lot of time to explore them thoroughly due to the verticality, climbing, wind, and frequent rain. But each is more of the same.  At the top of one, I spot a sleeping chameleon lizal, and wake him up with a bomb that blows him clean off the top of the tower, plummeting to his doom hundreds of feet below.  It is very satisfying to see his flailing body fly through the air, only to disappear from view into the mists below.

In other fights, I discover that it’s possible to pick up and hurl baby stone taluses and bokoblin skeleton’s skulls, which I never knew before.  I’m surprised it’s taken me this long to learn it, but I’m glad that the game is this flexible and deep that I’m still learning new things about combat after playing the game for well over 200 hours.  Granted, most of that time has been spent avoiding combat, which goes a long way to explain why I haven’t learned these things sooner. But it’s still cool.  

When I reach the final island, I discover a flat rock covering a hole in the ground with a shrine beneath it.  I blow the rock using time-stop power, and the shrine is a little tricky.  There’s a balance, which I can use a barrel to lift me up, but it doesn’t get me high enough to get to the monk’s chamber.  I find that I have to drop a heavy box on the balance in order to vault me into the air to do it.  The box is hidden on a shelf above, and I need to use arrows to shoot the cords that are holding the shelf up.  I’m down to my last 7 normal arrows, as I’ve been using them a lot to find koroks that are revealed by beating archery challenges that I’ve been finding along the way. 

Outside the shrine, I find a moblin and bokoblin at a camp fire, and the moblin has Royal-level gear: broadsword and shield.  I want the shield, so I take it from them.  I walk back to the mainland, intent on exploring the remaining coastline of the Akkala Highlands.  There’s a narrow trail that runs on the edge of the cliffs, and I encounter a moblin.  I take him out quickly, but then slip off the edge of the cliff.  I catch myself with the paraglider and grab onto the wall, but before I can climb back up it starts raining again, and it’s set to rain for the next two hours, and I’m not about to wait that, so I teleport back to the shrine I just cleared, walk all the way back, and complete my coastal survey.

At the end of it, I find a little encampment of a moblin, bokoblin, and a yellow chuchu, and the two humanoid monsters seem to be wielding electrified weapons that are powered by the chuchu or something.  The moblin has a Thunderspear, and the bokoblin has shock arrows.  I climb the cliff near the camp and bomb them; the chuchu dies first, and its shockburst hits both of the remaining monsters.  I rain bombs on them until they die, then jump down and loot the place.  There’s a chest which has a nice weapon in it, I forget which.

Having completed my sweep of this area, I return northward to pick up my horse Radish again, and we journey back toward Akkala stables.

On the way, I find that shrine I couldn’t locate earlier, at the grotto with the rocks and hammers.  To find it, I have to glide down into the grotto, where, in a hard-to-see deeply recessed wall, if you fire a bomb arrow, you can break a hole in the wall to reveal a hidden shrine.  It’s a Modest Test of Strength combat challenge. I defeat the guardian and it drops an Ancient Battleaxe+, which is the weapon the boy Nebb from Hateno village wanted to see next.  I make a note to bring it to him next chance I get.  

But first, I want to continue exploring Akkala, and see if I can find Fang and Bone, or something else useful.  I don’t find Fang and Bone, but on my way north, I come back to Tarrytown, the new construction site for Hudson from Hateno village.  There’s a goddess statue there, so I pray at it and trade in my spirit orbs for two more heart containers.  I also take the time to cook a bunch of new meals so I can replenish hearts when I get into another big combat.

After this, I explore a bit in the lake beneath Tarrytown, finding a korok and a chest under the water. 

I then get back on Radish and we ride west, to the other end of Akkala, where I had spotted another shrine off in the distance.  As I get closer, I find that this one is next to a stable that I hadn’t known about previously. Apparently Akkala has a South and East stable, and this is the South one.  I talk to the people and the girl who works here has a little sister who likes insects, so I get a quest to find out the girl’s favorite insect and then show it to her.  It’s night though, and the little girl is asleep, and I have to wait for her to wake up.  I decide to go clear the shrine while I’m waiting.

This shrine is a tilt sensing puzzle, and the final one is pretty difficult — I have to get three balls to land on three switches.  It takes a lot of finesse, but I manage to do it after several minutes of trying.  I don’t bother with the treasure chest in this one, mainly out of being in a hurry to complete the insect finding mission — I don’t want to spend so much time in the shrine that it’s night again when I emerge.

I clear the shrine, and go find the little girl, who likes dragonflies.  She wants to see all three types of dragonfly, which I happen to have in my inventory.  The big sister hates dragonflies, but wants her sister to be happy, so she asks me to give the dragonflies to her, which I do.  The big sister rewards me with 100 rupees.

I transport back to Hateno village and show Nebb my Guardian Battleaxe+, and he gives me 100 rupees, then asks to see a frost spear, which I happen to have, so I show him that as well, which he gives me 300 rupees.  Next, he wants to see an ancient short sword, which I’m not sure if I’ve seen one of those or not.  I have had a few ancient swords, but I don’t recall them being short swords.

There’s a guy named Rex at the South Akkala stable who’s looking for the Master Sword, and he thinks it’s nearby the Woodland stables, which is a clue if I ever heard one.  

I want to get the Master Sword, so that’s probably the next thing I will try to tackle.  

Zelda: BOTW Diary (66)

I jump off the left eye tower of Skull Lake and fall an impressive distance before arresting my fall with the glider, swim over the other eye island, build a fire, and wait for night.  At night, I turn from the fire to see an odd contraption, a bit like a hot air balloon, with a creepy looking grey skinned person working on the machinery inside. He doesn’t notice me at first, so I walk up right behind him and startle the crap out of him by introducing myself.

I’ve met Kilton.  He tells me of his business startup, Fang & Bone, and shows me his business card.  We have a brief conversation before he takes off, and I’m left all by myself again.

I guess I’ll see him again sometime…?

I explore the region around Skull Lake, but it’s a lot of difficult climbing and point A to point B is usually anything but direct.  There’s a concentric shell inside shell of rock formation to climb on, and then there’s another wetland region, with some rock formations that I want to check out.  I eventually get there, after much climbing, and waiting around for rainstorms to end, which gets annoying.

I find a Goron camp where the Gorons are all dudebro weight lifters who are all about getting ripped and shredded and challenging each other to do manly feats of strength, such as climbing. They are an amusing parody of gym rats. They have a rock climbing course called Gut Check Rock, which they challenge me to climb. I check it out. There’s an updraft right next to the rock, which makes it easy to get to the top, and I talk to another Goron, who tells me about the challenge and dares me to try it.  As I talk to them, I imagine Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage doing the voices, which makes it very entertaining.

I do, and it’s not too hard.  Starting at the bottom, I climb up and quickly get all the rupees they’ve left along the course, picking up 121 or 141, I forget which.  I only needed to get 100, and I complete the course with 30 seconds to spare.  I’m pretty sure I could glider cheat it in under a minute; fly up, glide down and pick up the rupees as I fall, then glide back to the top again, and blow their dudebroron minds.

I find four or five korok seeds in this area as well, but I don’t really see a lot of reason to spend much time here, so I skip the bokoblin camp I see behind Gut Check Rock, and teleport back to Akkala Stables, and run back up to the Akkala Technolgy Lab, where I go to do the furnace lighting quest.  This takes a lot of time, as the trip is more difficult, I have to clear the route of many moblins and octorocks, it rains every other hour, and I don’t have a torch to keep lit.  I improvise by burning moblin clubs that I loot from defeated moblins, and it takes forever, but I eventually get every lamp lit and the furnace as well.

This activates Cherry, who can now manufacture expensive Ancient Weapons for me, which are awesome, as well as Ancient Armor, which is even more expensive and even more awesome.  Awesome.

Having done that, I do not have the 6000 Rs that I’d need for the Ancient Armor suit, or the 1000 Rs that I’d need for any one of the ancient weapons.  So, looks like I have a couple hundred more hours of play left in this game if I want to afford the good stuff.

I take Radish, one of my horses, out from the Akkala stable, and we ride down the road looking for adventure.  Heading south along the east coast road, I ride a long way, pausing frequently to check out interesting sites, and find some korok seeds and a few forage areas, but I’m interrupted pretty frequently by monsters.  It seems like monster frequency is higher in Akkala than in a lot of other places.  I don’t feel particularly harried or harrassed in other parts of Hyrule, the next most full of enemies probably being Gerudo desert believe it or not, or maybe Faran jungle.  But here it is probably even double that, and it’s often multiple groups of enemies at once, like keese and moblin skeletons, or bokoblin riders and moblins.  Or moblins and  lizals.  I avoid fighting when I can, to conserve weapons, and if I can kill some with bombs, I’ll do that in order to harvest their loot drops so I can sell the body parts later to fund my ancient tech armory.

Coming to a fork in the road, I see a road sign, which says one way is Fang and Bone, so I head that way.  Or I think I do, but I must have read the directions wrong, and took a wrong turn.  I end up getting to the spiral peninsula, which I go check out.  There’s some ancient ruins near the base of it, which I explore and find two koroks, and then I find an orb.  I have to carry this damn orb all the way to the center of the spiral, and then I’ll reveal a shrine.  This takes a damn long time, because of how slow you walk when you’re carrying a heavy object like these balls.  I also have to stop roughly every 20 feet to pick up a rock to chekc to see if it has a gem or rupees under it, or a korok seed, or to pick up crabs or other forage, or to fight moblins and lizals, or to shoot an offshore artillery octorock with an arrow.  It takes what feels like at least an hour, and might have been even more than that, but eventually I reach the center of the spiral, put the ball in the socket, and the shrine appears.

The shrine just gives me its reward, there’s no challenge.  No complaints here this time.  I’m worn out from carrying the ball around the spiral. 

Emerging from the shrine, I decide to cut straight across the water to get back to shore, and find that the water on the inner orbit of the spiral is shallow enough to wade, so I probably could have made this trip with the orb a lot faster if I hadn’t wanted to make sure I missed absolutely nothing of the wonderful spiral adventure loot.  I swim the rest of the way to shore, and climb up the hill back to the ruines where I left Radish.

I get there, killing three more moblin skeletons, as it is night time, and then fire keese appear, and more wolves, and I fight them, too.  Then a swordsman from Yiga clan appears and I kick his ass as well. It’s seriously like one encounter after another like that, sometimes, around these parts.

I decide to get out of the area, and follow the road further south.  I get to a point about at the latitude where the fairy shrine is, so I’ve come pretty far back south, although still well north of Lanayru Mountains, when I come to an area I haven’t explored at all, which looks geographically similar to the features around Zora’s domain, but a bit more like a quarry.  There are loose boulders all over the place, and someone has left iron sledge hammers laying about all over.  I guess I’m expected to slam balls into the valley below.  Presumably for some purpose.  Also, my shrine detector is pinging a lot, but I can’t see any shrine nearby, and I’m having a difficult time triangulating where it could be.  It seems like I must be passing right over it, and not see it, so it’s probably underground somewhere.

At this point it’s grown pretty late and I’ve gotten rather tired, and I was hoping that I could find Kilton’s monster shop, Fang & Bone, but I must have gotten way lost, and now it’s probably like a couple dozen miles away back where I took the wrong turn.

There’s a chain of islands off the shore of the east coast here, and I haven’t explored those yet, other than the southern most of them, where I had my first Lynel encounter so long ago.  It’s just possible that Kilton is somewhere around there, but if not I have no idea where he could be.

I can’t find the shrine, and from being bounced around from a few points, I have a feeling that there’s either more than one, or that there’s a deep underground shrine similar to the one in Hebra.  I move on, climbing further up the cliffs, and eventually make it back to the area near Zora’s domain where I fought my first Lynel, who has reincarnated due to the Blood Moon.  He spots me, we fight, I win again, and pretty easily.  This gives me some confidence.  

I also have a near encounter with Naydra, the dragon of Lanayru, and try to hit him with an arrow, but by the time I get close enough to get a shot off, he has changed course and my shot falls just short, and I am unable to get him to drop a scale.

I take off again from the peak of the mountain near the Lynel’s field, and glide further to the south, to an area I haven’t been to before, and explore, finding korok seeds, and a shrine.  It’s another Kass song shrine, although I find Kass after I find the shrine.  This one involves riding air currents on the paraglider to land on a pad which triggers the shrine to emerge from the ground.  To clear a path, you have to use bombs or bomb arrows.  

I learn from this that bomb arrows do not work in the rain, as the fuse can’t light.  Good to know.

I continue to explore further south, running into moblins, bokoblins, and lizals around the mid-point of Talus Plateau, and a Hinox, who, out of boredom, I decide must die.  I defeat him and he drops some nice royal-level weapons, including a bow.

Further south, I have a run-in with the very first Lynel I encountered in the game, when I took the raft from Lurelin village all the way north to Wintre Island and Tarm Point.  I don’t want to fight him, but before I am ready he spots me, and the fight is on.  I haven’t saved in a while, and decide to just roll with it.  We tangle.  He kicks my ass very, very badly — I use most of my good prepared meals, all of my fairies, and Mipha’s Grace, all of my normal arrows, but I eventually drop him.  He seems to grow in strength as I knock his health bar down, unleashing lightning, fire, and wind attacks in addition to absolutely brutal melee attacks.  He drops some very powerful weapons and a shield, but the rupee chests that I had looted via stealth before when I first encountered him are gone.  I guess they don’t respawn with blood moons?  Well, they’re not monsters…

I return to the North and buy the Ancient armor from Akkala Technology Lab, but I only have enough to buy the cuirass for now.  The helmet and greaves will come later.  I visit the fairy in Akkala and get a few more upgrades on my clothing.