Zelda: BOTW Diary (74)

Well, I guess I’ll head down to the jungle area by Floria Falls and see if I can get another piece of Farosh, the lightning dragon.  I transport to the shrine behind the big waterfall, and come out, and using my Zora armor I shoot to the top of the falls, and he’s there.  I shoot him and get a scale.  But checking my notes, I needed to collect his horn, not his scale, to upgrade the Hylian Tunic to the next level.

After taking the scale, I get attacked by bokoblin skeletons, and chuchus, and have to fight them off before I can go pick up the scale from where it landed.  I found a chest or two in the area by the scale, and encounter a yellow wizzorobe, who I manage to fight with reasonable effectiveness, taking him down with the bow. I don’t know what a lightning enemy is weak against, so I have to just take him out with regular arrows and it takes 3 or 4 to do the job.  They’re hard to hit when they dance.

I also need some lynel horns, hoofs, and guts, and there’s a Lynel atop the cliffs west of Floria Falls on the high plateau.  I head there, and it starts raining, which makes getting up the sheer cliffs a challenge.  I end up harvesting some Hearty Durian fruits and a couple of Hightail Lizards on the lower tier of the plateau, both of which are highly useful.  A hearty Durian by itself will cook into a full-heal meal + 4 bonus hearts, which is all I need.  The hightail lizards are good for one of my armor upgrades, but I need a bunch of them, and it’s going to take forever to find that many.

The rain subsides, and I climb up the cliffside to face the Lynel.  I equip the Master Sword, a good Royal bow, and my rubber armor suit, since he seemed to favor electric attacks, and pop out from behind a boulder and run up, no subtlety whatsoever.  

I win the fight, but it takes two meals plus a Mipha’s Grace heal to prevail.  I break one of my swords, and a bow, and use plenty of arrows taking him down, but he yields a savage lynel spear, which has an attack rating of 33 which is a lot for a spear, and some other parts that I need for upgrading the Barbarian armor suit.  I’m going to need to kill a bunch of Lynels to max out that armor, though.

While I was fighting the Lynel, I had spotted a shooting star falling across the sky, but didn’t note the landing spot, and after the battle is over, I go to look for it, and can’t find it.  I know the general direction, but can’t locate it at all.  

Climbing a ridge in the hope of a better view of where the star fragment may have landed, I find a stand of pine trees, and I need to farm wood bundles to help Tarrey Town grow, so I take the time to bomb the woods into splinters.  

Doing so attracts the attention of a powerful moblin, who comes over and attacks me, and I beat him, with the Master Sword at first, until it runs out of energy, then switch to a Royal Claymore.  I find another moblin and bokoblin near a campfire nearby, and kill both of them, mainly just to do it.

I round up my 50 bundles of wood, and then, looking around, I spot an odd green spot on the side of a mountain a distance away, and decide to mark it with my scope pin, and check it out.  I go all the way over there, and it’s nothing, just a grassy patch that looked odd due to the way the rendering engine drew it in the current light and weather conditions.  It had looked especially green, and not at all misty or hazy, which made it stand out and look odd. I guess just a glitch.

Well, I guess it’s time to go to Tarrey Town and drop off the wood.  On my way there, I stop at the nearby fairy fountain, and see what upgrades I can do with what I’ve scrounged so far, and I make a number of improvements to the rubber suit and the barbarian armor, and the glow in the dark suit, until I run out of ingredients to do any more.

Then I head to Tarrey Town, where I talk to Hudson, and give him his 50 wood bundles.  He thanks me and then tells me that he got engaged to the Gerudo woman who came to work here.  Now he needs me to find a Zora priest to officiate their wedding.  Great, new quest.  

I go down to Zora’s domain, and look for a priest who’s name ends in -son.  I don’t know where to find him, so I wander around talking to fish-people, and uncover a couple of new sidequests that I hadn’t previously known about.  

One Zora woman wants me to photograph a lynel so she can warn people not to go up to the cliffs where their local lynel has been spotted.  I’ve killed that lynel two or three times now, and he’s not so bad really.  I already happen to have a photo in my slate of a lynel, so I just show her, and she gives me the Zora Greaves, the bottom part of the Zora armor set.  Now I guess there must be a helmet around somewhere, but I haven’t seen or heard anything about it.

I go to one of the Zora buildings, and see an odd, old-looking stone carving, with a Zora man standing near it, reading it.  I walk over and read it myself, and it has a lot of illegible bits, but I gather that it tells of a story about Link from 100 years ago, fighting a lynel in the area and defeating it to pacify the region.  The Zora man tells me about 10 more such carvings around the area that he wants me to find. So far, apparently I have found two of the 10.  He tells me about some of the other locations, and mentions that there a treasure associated with them, and if I find it, I can keep it.  Probably the Zora armor helmet, I bet.  Well, now I have something else to do.  

I can’t find the Zora priest, and after looking all over for him and talking to every single Zora I meet, I’ve picked up several more sidequests, as well as completed a few of them. 

Someone needs help finding their missing wife, who likes to catch fish by the river but must have gotten washed away when Vah Ruta was rampaging.  Their son is catching frogs in order to make money for the family while she is missing, so I give him some frogs.  I’ll have to look for his mom soon.

A builder is repairing the Domain, and needs ten luminous stone for the work, and I have plenty of luminous stone, so I give them to him, and he gives me two diamonds, which is pretty great.

Down below the city, I find two treasure chests, which have rupees and an opal.

Finally, I find the priest, and tell him about Tarrey Town’s need for a priest.  He’s always wanted to perform a wedding, so this is perfect for him, and he goes right away. 

I transport back to Tarrey Town, and now Hudson needs me to go to Hateno and invite Karson and Bolson to the ceremony.  So I do that, and they have their wedding, and the whole town is there, and life is good.  The town feels complete now.  Hudson is so grateful of my help that he gives me three diamonds for everything I’ve done for him, which considering what that amounts to, is pretty reasonable.  It’s actually the biggest reward I’ve gotten for completing any sidequest in the game.

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