Mmap 1.0 released

Mmap is a GameMaker asset pack that provides powerful, flexible, easy to use mini map functionality.



  • Easy to use, Beautifully coded! Source code thoroughly documented, very easy to understand, modifiable.
  • Great performance.
    • 2000-4000 mappable instances in HTML5
    • 10000+ mappable instances in Windows (YYC).
  • oMmap object
  • oMappable parent object
  • Four types of┬ámmap:
    • Basic
    • Radar
    • Sonar
    • Static
  • Identify Friend-or-Foe (IFF) color code system
  • Fully customizable!
    • colors
    • alpha transparency
    • screen size
    • detection range
    • zoomable
    • refresh rate
    • blip tracking
  • Tested on Windows, Windows (YYC), and HTML5 builds

Live Demo in HTML5


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