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Mmap 1.0 released

Mmap is a GameMaker asset pack that provides powerful, flexible, easy to use mini map functionality.



  • Easy to use, Beautifully coded! Source code thoroughly documented, very easy to understand, modifiable.
  • Great performance.
    • 2000-4000 mappable instances in HTML5
    • 10000+ mappable instances in Windows (YYC).
  • oMmap object
  • oMappable parent object
  • Four types of┬ámmap:
    • Basic
    • Radar
    • Sonar
    • Static
  • Identify Friend-or-Foe (IFF) color code system
  • Fully customizable!
    • colors
    • alpha transparency
    • screen size
    • detection range
    • zoomable
    • refresh rate
    • blip tracking
  • Tested on Windows, Windows (YYC), and HTML5 builds

Live Demo in HTML5


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Radar demo now in HTML5

I got the Radar demo working in HTML5, finally. In order to do it, absent a better debugging methodology, I created a new project and meticulously re-built the demo line by line. I’m still not entirely sure why this works while the first one doesn’t — I still need to look at it more closely.

The resulting project isn’t feature-complete yet, but the only missing feature is color coding for IFF, and isn’t where the problem was. Once I’ve finished adding that feature, I’ll update the source download.

For now, here’s an in browser preview of what the radar demo looks like in action:


I’ve been messing around with mini maps, and after a few different approaches, I have come up with a cool demo that simulates a radar screen. The screen even has a sweeping beam that lights up the blips, which fade over time. Only instances which inherit from an object called oMappable are drawn on the radar. The size of the blips is based on the width of the sprite of the oMappable child, so objects of differing sizes will be shown in scale relative to each other.

radar screenshot

It runs quite well, with up to 4000 simple objects (~30fps on a 2.0GHz Core2 Duo).

Demo (.zip)

Project Source (.gmz)