AutoFullScreen 1.1

After releasing my AutoFullScreen 1.0 extension for Game Maker, I noticed a minor bug with the way small rooms were being scaled up to fill the window.

When scaling up a small room, in 1.0 the scale factor is calculated by determining whether the room was taller or wider, and used whichever was the longer dimension along with the display’s corresponding dimension to calculate the scale ratio. This was close to correct, but not quite right.

In 1.1, the scale factor is calculated both ways, using the height and the width, and then use the smaller of the two room:display ratios rather than the larger of the two room dimensions. The difference is subtle, but the upshot of this is that if you try to scale up a 4:3 room on a 16:10 display using the 1.0 method, it fills the screen completely, distorting the dimensions of the room. In 1.1 the room does not get distorted, as intended.

I have fixed the bug and added a feature to the function to make the zoom function optional. If you prefer to have the room drawn at actual size, you now have that option.

The new version is up on Releases.

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