GML draw_text_rtf() script enables drawing of pseudo-rich text strings

When I was working on my recent blog post on string handling and text drawing in GML, I had the idea for a function that would draw formatted text. (You can read a paragraph in that post where I complained about how difficult this is to do using the built-in GML draw_text() functions.)

I posted a feature request to the official GameMaker bug tracking site (which recently closed its submission system and now works differently, by the way). And this spurred a discussion with some of the other users on the bugtracker. A user named Miah_84 came up with a script that very nearly did everything I wanted. I made a few modifications and cleaned up the code, and present it below.

The downside of this script is that it is very slow, as it makes numerous calls to the draw_text() function, which is itself very slow, and iterates over the raw rtf string several times in order to parse it. Running the demo project on my 2.0GHz Core 2 Duo laptop with discrete graphics, it only runs at around 200fps in debug mode. Comment out the call to the draw_text_rtf function, and the frame rate jumps to about 1100fps. The more formatting in the string, the slower the function will draw.

Still, combined with surfaces, this can be an extremely useful function for displaying text to the screen, in ways that was not possible previously using native GML functions.

Discussion thread on this script at — I expect that in the near future this will end up as an addition on, as well.


Demo Project RTFDemo.gmz

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