Pixel Art – Invisible Woman

pixel art "Invisible Woman" by Chris Sanyk


  1. Invisible Woman is the first female superhero subject in this series. I thought I’d try starting from the generic male figure that I started out with, slim it down a bit, and add some curves and hair. This didn’t really work so well, I think. I need to reconcile the fact that pixels don’t have curves and figure out how to make a female pixel form that has suggestion of curves without actual curves. I will likely come back and try this again when I have had enough distance between me and this work to try again with fresh perspective.
  2. The other thing about Invisible Woman is that, well, she’s Invisible. She’s usually drawn as a ghostly outline. I think the dotted line achieves this, but man is it difficult to make adjustments if you change something after you’ve committed to the outline. Get the shape right first, then worry about the outline. Otherwise it’s just one big cascading off-by-one error until you re-do the whole thing.

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