Fixed that bug

Haha, I figured out what was causing that bug I ran into the other day.

While reading the GameMaker documentation, I read that the order in which objects are drawn is determined by their Depth, and inferred that it is not just the *drawing* order but the construction order when a new room is instantiated. (In GameMaker, Depth is a property that all Objects have, which helps determined which Object is drawn “on top” when their sprites overlap.)

I happened to have my Fish objects at a higher depth than the Player, because if the Player was overlapping the Fish, I wanted the Player to be “on top” so that the Player would always be visible. As an unintended consequence, the Fish objects got drawn and created first, and since Fish.size depends on the value of Player.size, and so were throwing exceptions when the Player did not yet exist.

For some reason this bug was always latent in my game project, but it only manifested after I added a Background to the Room, which is a bit odd. I am guessing that a Background has an extremely high depth so that it appears “behind” everything else in the room, but why it seems to trigger the creation order bug is mysterious to me.

What’s more, I am also confused as to why one of the things I tried to prevent the error did not work. In the Fish.Create() event, I added a check to make sure that the Player object exists before assigning a value to Fish.size that is based on Player.size. If !Player.exists, Fish.size is set to a safe value that is not based on Player.size. Yet, for some reason, the check was successfully able to determine that Player existed for purposes of Player.exists() check, but yet was not able to get the value of Player.size in order to calculate a randomized value for Fish.size. Apparently, the Player object exists at this point but its size attribute does not, or perhaps contains an undefined value.

Figuring this out was rather tricky and it never would have occurred to me had I not been thinking about this bug when I happened to be reading about how the Depth property determines drawing order. Hopefully this writeup will help some other GameMaker developer avoid making a similar mistake.

Updated: 2014-Jan-12 — 6:31 pm

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