TOTK Diary 45

Well, I guess the next thing to do is go and try to find that drummer for the travelling band.

I hike back out the way I came, back up the road toward Kakariko village. When I get close to where the road goes into the mountains, I hear the drums. I don’t see the drummer right away, but he must be near.

I scout about the area a bit, and quickly home in on him, as the volume of his drumming is like a beacon that I can follow. He has a little campsite with a tent. He wants honey, for something, and tells me where it can be obtained, but there’s a gloom chasm that has opened up where it is abundant, and he’s not about to go near it. So it’s up to me.

He only needs three honey. I happen to have two in my inventory already, so I have to get some more. I wish I would have had enough to just give it to him and save a little time, but oh well. I fast-travel back to the shrine near Kakariko Village, since it’s a bit closer, and then glide in the direction of the gloom chasm, and then immediately find some honey. I need a way to get it without getting attacked by the swarm of bees that protects it, and without creating a big fire. I discover that wind will blow the bees away, and I have a wind source available to me in the form of a weapon that I fused with a zonai fan a while ago. I also have my buddy Tulin’s spirit warrior who I can summon as needed.

Some of the honey I find is too high up in the tree for me to hit it with the gust from my wind sword, so I switch to my ruby sword, and use fire to drive the bees away. This works, but is more dangerous, and I end up burning one of the honeys, and only manage to pick up two. I only needed one more, but as long as I’m here I figure I should try to get all the honey I can find. I also pick up a bunch of other forage found in the general area, mostly mushrooms, some nightshade, and the rare silent princess flower. I also end up getting attacked by some Evermean trees, but the ruby sword is a good weapon to use on them, so they are easily scorched into submission.

Having exhausted the resources of this area, I return to where I found the drummer boy, Beetz. He’s happy to have the honey, and gives me a 100 rupee reward for finding it for him. Then he tells me he’s going to join his bandmates back at the Dueling Peaks Stables. So I glide out back that way again, and as I cross the field I come across a group of zonai construct soldiers guarding an area. I decide to clear them out and get some practice. With Tulin’s help, I’m a little bit less prone to being surrounded. I have a topaz sword, and want to see how it affects them. The topaz sword shoots lightning balls, which don’t seem to do extra damage (no instakill) but do affect them with a stun effect and cause them to drop weapons, so it’s a very useful tactic to disarm them, pick up their weapons, and then kill them more easily once they’re disarmed. One of them must have had a bow, because after the fighting is over, I find about a half dozen or more arrows lying about all around the battle field. Or maybe… does Tulin shoot arrows that I can pick up? That would be pretty convenient if that’s what happened. I’d really like to know. With all the excitement I couldn’t really tell, and I didn’t realize that there was a bow-armed zonai soldier among the group, until afterward. I did pick up a bow from them, so it remains to be seen where these arrows came from.

Back at the Stables, I find two small children playing in the road, and go up to talk to them. They are trying to draw the hoof prints of some creature they claim to have seen, or heard about. In talking to them, they seem to think that the Don-Dons that I found match the description of this creature. I describe it to them, and they draw its likeness on the ground. They reward me with a Swift Carrot, which can be useful in taming wild horses, they tell me. This completes a side quest that I didn’t even know about.

Over at the musician’s stage, I find Beatz is playing with Mastro, Violyn, and the flute boy. They want to perform for the Fairy to bring her out of the flower, but they can’t get to her, because they need to cross the river and the bridge got smashed by falling rocks from the sky. They’ve taken the wheels completely off their Breezer buggy for some reason. Fortunately, right nearby is a load of construction material from Hudson Construction Co., as well as some zonai pieces: a control stick, a glider wing, two fans, and a battery.

I try to use this stuff to figure out a way over the river. First I try to build a bridge, but there’s not enough material to construct a safe enough bridge. Or maybe I just don’t know where to build it or how to set up the materials most effectively.

I end up solving the challenge by attaching fans to the back of the buggy, and using the wood from the construction materials to add buoyancy to the cart, and we just turn it into a makeshift boat, and manage to get over to the opposite bank, right where the Fairy is. The musicians play for the Fairy, who stirs and emerges. Mastro gives me another 100 rupees, and then leaves with the band to go to the other Fairies to try to play for them. The Fairy offers to enhance my clothing, so I take her up on that, doing everything that I can with resources on hand. I can tell this is going to get really expensive by the time I’m done upgrading everything. Not only will I have to grind a ton of materials, but these upgrades now also cost rupees as well.

Having upgrades the outfits that I can, I guess I’m buffed enough now that I can try to take on the Yiga who’ve supposedly kidnapped Princess Zelda.

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