Zelda: BOTW Diary (69)

The Koroks have three more trials for me:

The Trial of Wood. I am given a shield, sword, and bow made of wood, and told to find a shrine along a path that is full of monsters.  I encounter kees, bokoblin skeletons, and chuchus, and octorocks. Some of them are electric or firey.  But none are especially challenging to fight. The restrictions on this challenge are that I must keep the weapons given to me equipped, and cannot break them.  I don’t. I get through it and reach the shrine, and it’s not hard.  There’s also some mud bog places where I use my cryonis power to create a temporary bridge out of ice.  They tell me this is the most challenging trial, but I did it first.

The second trial is a Lost Woods Maze, where the trick is to use your magnesis power to cause iron balls stuck in the mouths of the monster trees to glow pink, and point the way through the maze.  They tell you this, not very cryptically, at the start of the trial, so it’s not difficult to figure out.  At the end of the maze, I have to put a shield in the mouth of one of the trees to make a treasure chest appear in the mouth of another.  Then I have to cross a swamp lake to reach the shrine and collect my spirit orb.  There’s a raft, but it’s swimmable.  I actually use the treasure chest to push the raft using magnet power, which works surprisingly well to propel it across the water, as I do not have a korok leaf.  There were many korok leaves lying about, but I didn’t want to drop an item to pick it up, and then forget it later.

The final trial is the one I find the hardest. I’m supposed to go through the Lost Woods to the northwest of the Great Deku Tree and find a shrine.  I had such a hard time finding my way through the Lost Woods to get to the Korok village in the first place.  As I start out on the trail, I meet a little Korok guy who is scared, but wants to do the trial by himself. Every time I talk to him after that he tells me to stop scaring him.  I walk  forward and can’t find a way to the shrine, and there’s no clues, either.

I step forward to try again, and then I notice another korok, apparently this one’s parent, and it tells me it would like me to hang back and keep watch over the korok going through the trial, without him seeing me, so he thinks he did it alone.  I agree, and try to do it, but the little guy keeps seeing me.

The mist and his natural camouflage make it super hard to see him if I let him get too far ahead, and occasionally he will pause and look around to get his bearings, and at those times he’s apt to look backward and spot me.  If I make noise, or if I move too close, he’ll spot me.  

It takes me 5-6 tries before I finally do it.  Toward the end, there’s an encounter with a wolf, who I have to take down silently in order to keep from being discovered.  I manage to do so using my bow, an arrow to the head with my most powerful bow one-shots the wolf and I am able to keep quiet.

Finally, I let the little guy complete his trial, then I walk up and reveal myself; he thinks he did it himself and tells me to go on and check out the shrine. 

I’ve gotten 3 more spirit orbs from all this, and I think I’m probably done with the Lost Woods area, and I’m glad to have completed everything there is to do in this area.  Well, there may be more, perhaps as yet undiscovered quests, maybe even more korok seeds to trade to Hestu.  I’ve given him my last 30, for another inventory slot for bow and shield.  The bow inventory is maxed out, but I can probably take 1-2 more weapon slots and several more shield slots, if I can find more korok seeds.  It’s gotten very expensive to fund additional weapon slots, and I am probably fine with what I have, but it’s not like I’m going to pass up a korok seed if I happen to find one.

I guess now it’s time to look through my unfinished quests and try to figure out what I can do next.

I take a look through my adventure log and check to see what else I can do quickly.

I go to Hateno village and complete the “Gift for My Beloved” quest.  I could never figure this one out, because it tells me I’m supposed to talk to Prima, but any time I do she just wants to treat me like a customer at the inn.  I cheat and look it up, and to trigger the conversation where she tells me what she likes, I have to walk around the counter to talk to her face to face.  This seems very unintuitive and annoys me, but I do it.  She tells me she likes crickets.  I go back and tell the dude who likes her this, and he wants me to give him 10 crickets.  I have that many in inventory already so I do, and the quest is completed.  He gives me 100 rupees.

At one of the stables there was a woman who was looking for the Hero of Hyrule, and she would know him if he carried the Master Sword.  I go there and show her, and she is impressed with the sword, but not with me, and tells me to go save the world, I’m not her type. Pfft!

At the stables up in Tabantha, there was a woman who wanted to see what a stalhorse looks like.  Supposedly they are found in North Tabantha snowfield, near some ancient ruins to the east.  I go up there and wander about at night for several days and never see one.  I do end up harvesting a lot of ice kees wings, which I need, so that’s good, and I also see two more lynels, who I avoid fighting for now.  I keep running around and I am attacked by bokoblins on regular horses, and lizals who shoot arrows at me, which I pick up and replenish my arrow stocks with.  I also bomb tons of moose and wolves and harvest a lot of meat.  Eventually I give up looking around Tabantha for the stalhorse, and try looking up where the F they are really found, because I don’t even see ancient ruins on the eastern part of the North Tabantha Snowfield.  

The first google result is for a youtube video showing a different location completely, somewhere near Highland stable.  So I go there, walk to the area, build a fire, sit by it until night, and some bokoblin skeletons show up riding stalhorses, I snap a really good picture of one riding at me, about to launch a fire arrow my way, and transport back to Tabantha to show the woman. She gives me another 100 rupees.

Next, I’m supposed to find the leviathan skeleton in Eldin and take a picture of it.  I haven’t really been to Eldin yet, it’s the volcanic region, and all I’ve done there so far is unlock the tower.  I have no idea where to start looking for the leviathan skeleton, and it’s a dangerous, mountainous area where climbing is difficult and visibility is often obscured by mountains in the way.  This one could take me all day, and then some.  And I’ll probably run into other things to do while I’m there, since I haven’t been through it at all yet.

I transport to the tower, and from the top try to scope around with my telescope, hoping to see a clue about where I might start looking.

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