“Atari” no-show in court over VCS design firm lawsuit

Atari failed to respond to a May 13 deadline to a court summons in the Rob Wyatt/Tin Giant lawsuit for nonpayment on their contract to design the VCS console and hardware, further bolstering their image as a fake company that exists mostly on paper and in the minds of the fraud purveyors who claim to be employed by them.

While they had promised earlier this year that the consoles would be shipping to backers in March, this date has been pushed back, this time to 11/27, according to the product info listed on walmart.com.  

I won’t link to it, lest anyone actually try to pre-order the thing, do not waste your money and time on a pre-order from a fly-by-night company operating on a shoestring budget.  If you buy it at all, wait until after launch.  But seriously, don’t buy it.  If this ever does launch, the reviews are sure to pan the system for its price:performance ratio and utter lack of any new games.

If you’re a disgruntled backer who would like to get your money back:  too bad, that ship has long sailed.  You’ll never see a dime.  We told you so.

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