Latest Google Chrome changes break HTML5 applications built with GameMaker: Studio

Users who browse this site with Google Chrome will have noticed that the HTML5 demos and games that I have built in GameMaker no longer work in the latest version of Chrome. I became aware of this fairly recently, but until yesterday I had hoped that it was just a problem with the configuration of my primary computer, as the problem did not seem to be evident on my other computer that I do testing with. Unfortunately, after updating that computer to the latest build of Chrome, I found that the problem is more widespread.

This thread on the GMC forums explains what to do if you’re a programmer who has an HTML5 game that needs to be patched in order to fix it with the latest Chrome. I have yet to try this on my own games, but will be experimenting in the near future. Presumably, YoYoGames will be updating the GameMaker: Studio build for HTML5 to rectify the problem in an upcoming release, and once done, re-building the game will also fix the issue.

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