Global Game Jam 2014

This weekend is Global Game Jam 2014 weekend. I’ll be participating at the Cleveland Game Developers site.

I’m a bit anxious about this one. 2013 was a pretty poor year for me in terms of weekend jams. I got sick for GGJ2013, had computer problems that knocked me out of CGD Summer Jam, and out of the 3 Ludum Dare compos that I tried to participate in, I only managed to complete a game for one of them.¬†Adding to my anxiety is the fact that I have no plans apart from showing up. I’m hoping that I will find a team to work with, but whether that happens or end up going solo, I think my approach will be to focus on something small and simple, rather than go for something experimental.

I’m hoping to turn things around for 2014, so I really want to make a decent game for GGJ this time. I hope that the theme inspires me and that I don’t struggle too much with it. I’ll be spending the rest of this week doing coding exercises to get my mind ready.

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