Pixel Art – Hulk 16×16

Pixel Art "Hulk" by Chris Sanyk (16x16)


I’m pretty happy with this one!

  1. I started out with the same 16×16 figure that I based Superman off of, but added width to it. I added about 4px of extra girth to the Hulk, and it feels about right.
  2. It took me a while to figure out what to do with the arms. I just kept adding pixels until I felt it conveyed sufficient bulk.
  3. I immediately had a problem with the thicker limbs overlapping and blending together. I ended up spreading the legs out a bit more (and the Hulk is typically drawn with a wide, squatting stance, anyway, so doing this really helped “sell” the suggestion that this mass of pixels really is the Hulk. The arms were more problematic, in that they blended in with the body too much. I ended up using a secondary green color to offset and give the appearance of shadow and dimension. This really works well.
  4. I wish I could tell you the science for how I picked this shadow color, but I just looked at the color picker and guessed. My guess was pretty good — but was it the best one I could have made? I don’t really know.

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