Pixel Art – Batman 16×16

Batman pixel art by Chris Sanyk (16x16px)

Process Notes:

  1. Now that I have the basic figure down, it’s possible to crank out variants in very little time at all.
  2. Batman is almost a palette swap of Superman.
  3. I did add boots for Batman. It works here where it didn’t on Superman, I believe because the contrast difference between the boot and leg is not so strong.
  4. I also changed the shape of Batman’s head, just slightly to give the impression of the horned cowl.
  5. At this resolution, you can’t really do the yellow bat logo, just the old school all black one.
  6. Batman normally wears gloves, but if I change the hands from pink to dark grey, we would lose them in the cape and waist.
  7. I also can’t do any details that would indicate the utility belt.

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