Game Maker HTML5 and WordPress

Site traffic on the WordPress portion of is up due to Ludum Dare. According to my Jetpack stats counter, got about double my usual visits on Saturday, mostly as a result of posting my alpha build of Karyote. Traffic yesterday was about at the same level. It’s too early to know whether the increase in traffic will be sustained or not, but I’d expect there might be a small bump with a long tail.

This does not include hits of the actual Karyote game url, which is not hosted within my WordPress site. I haven’t looked at the awstats numbers yet, but I’m kindof curious to know many people are playing the game now.

I’d like to get my Game Maker HTML5 games better integrated to WordPress, but (as of the last time I played with doing that, during the GM:HTML5 beta, at least) it is tricky, and I haven’t gotten it working right yet.

Game Maker Studio auto-generates a basic HTML5 page for your game when you build it, but it’s not a simple matter to cut and paste the necessary code from that page into a WordPress page.

YoYoGames should probably think about providing CMS integrators so that people can have an easier time packaging their games in a way that allows them to integrate with WordPress, Blogger, Drupal, Django, and other CMS frameworks.

While I’m wishing, it’d also be cool if Studio has a feature allowing you to modify the template used to generate their HTML5 page. That feature could exist for all I know, I need to get more familiar with the HTML5 features of Studio.

Hopefully if they don’t, at least the dev community will step forward and address it.

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