ASCIIboros – new attract mode screen

I want ASCIIboros to feel like an authentic old-school arcade game from what I consider to be the golden age, 1978-1984. I feel like this feels about like 1981 or so. Maybe 1983, since I don’t know too many games from 1981 that had scrolling playfields.

Crucial to the arcade game was its Attract Mode, the mode the machine would be in when not being played, designed to attract people’s attention and get them interested in playing, and develop an understanding of the game. Here’s a new screen I developed to help re-create this feeling:

This video just shows the new screen; the title screen and text screen with the “story” aren’t shown here. I haven’t uploaded this version of the game just yet, as the gameplay is identical to the release version that I submitted for Global Game Jam.

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