GameMaker 8 bug in TestVariable action?

I ran into a bit of strangeness with my game project today. While testing a feature, I noticed something inconsistent in the way the program behaved. Upon investigation I discovered that the cause of the inconsistent behavior was that I used two different functions to do a comparison of a certain value in two different calculations, and these functions are not equivalent.

In GameMaker 8, there’s an Action called Test Expression, as well as an Action called Test Variable. It turns out that Test Variable isn’t so good when it comes to testing for equality, due to the way GameMaker handles typing of variables. For the most part, there are only two types of variables: strings and real (floating point) numbers. But in GameMaker 8 they also introduced a few new functions that return integer values. It turns out, if you use Test Variable to compare the value of a real number to the value of an integer to see if the two values are equal, Test Variable will never return true. However, if you use the Test Expression action to do the comparison, it will return true.

In most programming languages, it is impossible to directly compare an integer to a floating point number; you have to use type casting to convert one of the values and then do the comparison. Working with floating point math is tricky with computers, because of rounding errrors, where values are often +/-0.00…01 (whatever the precision is) off due to the way floating point math works. Yet, GameMaker does not display the full precision of the floating point number that is stored in a variable — it only shows the first two decimal places, and hides the rest. Thus, to GameMaker’s Test Variable action, the number 3, which might be returned by the irandom(n) function, is not equal to the real value 3.00.

Test Expression does get this right, though, and automatically accounts for the rounding error, and will consider int 3 to be equal to real 3.00(00…01).

Hopefully they’ll fix Test Variable in a future release. I have reported the issue to GameMaker’s bug tracking system.

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