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Pixel Art: Zzzax

pixel art "Zzzax" by Chris Sanyk 64x64px


  1. I’m not sure how well known Zzzax might be to non-comics fans. He is a monster comprised of electrical power, possessing a rudimentary human-like intelligence.
  2. I’m not completely happy with the details I got here; in the comics he looks like a humanoid form made out of pure electricity, with flames and jaggy zappy lines defining his form. Here, due to the pixel size, he looks more like a tree bark¬†camouflage¬†pattern as seen through a yellow filter.
  3. One thing I did like about this attempt is the very faint light yellow glow around his body.
  4. Since I’m not totally satisfied, I’ll probably have to refine my technique and try again. I’m tempted to re-do this using the Hulk body template, which will give thicker limbs and a more monstrous appearance.