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Pixel Art: Butt-Head

pixel art "Butt-Head" by Chris Sanyk 256x256px


  1. My first pixel art character in this series with a face. I went all the way down to 256×256 resolution to do the fine details on the face.
  2. I did not bother with the “AC/DC” on the shirt as that is still inessential, even though the detail level in the face makes it justifiable to go to that level of detail on the shirt.
  3. Even without the facial detail, I liked it enough, and could recognize it. I could have considered this “finished” even at 16x16px: pixel art "Butt-Head" by Chris Sanyk 16x16px (Zoom the page to check it out, huh huh.)

Here’s a second attempt, after I decided that the body was a little too chunky. Instead of going for chunky style, I’m following the detail level of the head to allow the arms and legs to be more in proportion:

pixel art "Butt-Head" by Chris Sanyk 256x256px