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I was over at my parents house for Christmas. When I was a kid, my mom kept a bunch of my old school assignments and things up in the attic. I had hoped that I’d be able to go up there and find some of the old game ideas that I had drawn when I was in first and second grade, but unfortunately it seems within the last ten years she went and got rid of a lot of that stuff, and turned the rest of it into some scrapbooks. Unfortunately, it appears that most of my old ideas were lost, other than to my memory.

There was just one thing that I did find among all of that stuff, which might have been a video game concept. The strange thing is, this one I have no memory of making. The drawing is of BunnyBots, which looks a bit like Lemmings, only with bunny robots. That field war machines and artillery pieces, apparently. They fire carrot missiles at each other and drop easter egg bombs and have tunneling equipment for digging rabbit holes. Gameplay evidently resembled a 2-player PvP 2D horizontal scrolling RTS.

Mind you, this was probably drawn in 1982-3, long before Lemmings or real-time strategy existed.

I dunno when or if I’ll ever turn this concept into a game, but here’s a scan I made of the drawing:


Original drawing for BunnyBots videogame concept. Click Image to enlarge.