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Ludum Dare #24 rankings

Voting is over. Rankings are up.

I wasn’t expecting great things for Karyote, and I got about what I expected.

Karyote Ratings:

Ranking/1406 Category Score (out of 5)
Coolness 100%
#253 Theme 3.20
#301 Audio 2.60
#335 Mood 2.70
#449 Humor 1.86
#459 Overall 2.82
#489 Fun 2.58
#492 Innovation 2.58
#628 Graphics 2.22

Comparing to my LD23 game, I ended up doing about as well as last time. I’m a little surprised, because I really didn’t think this game was as good at deadline, and I struggled during most of the compo, both to come up with ideas for the game, and to implement most of my experimental ideas, and I probably put in 10 fewer hours over the weekend on this one.

Category LD23 LD24
Coolness 56% 100%
Overall 2.76 2.82
Innovation 3.41 2.58
Fun 2.62 2.58
Theme 3.34 3.2
Graphics 2.75 2.22
Audio 2.07 2.60
Humor 2.07 1.86
Mood 2.68 2.70

Really, both games are fairly similar if you compare them — they both are about microorganisms. I guess microorganisms are easy to do games about when you don’t have any good ideas ;-) I hope I have a game idea for LD25 that doesn’t have anything to do with microorganisms!

Now that I’ve worked out a lot of the kinks in my post-compo version, I think Karyote is a lot better than it was at deadline, and I wonder how the enhanced builds I’ve been working on over the last two weeks would have rated. I’m two major features away from calling it complete now, and I am hoping it won’t take me much longer than the next two weeks to finish it up.

Ludum Dare 23 Rankings are in

Here’s how Bactarium ranked in the Ludum Dare 23 Compo:

Ranking/1072 Category Score (out of 5)
Coolness 56%
#204 Innovation 3.41
#259 Theme 3.34
#431 Mood 2.68
#511 Graphics 2.75
#520 Humor 2.07
#545 Fun 2.62
#562 Overall 2.76
#587 Audio 2.07

Not too bad for my first LD48 entry, though certainly much room for improvement. Considering how happy I was to have been able to complete the game within 48hrs, I’m pretty happy with how it was received. It definitely wasn’t a great game, but it’s not bad, and has potential.

I’ve been working on a rewrite in Game Maker Studio which I hope will address some of the shortcomings that I didn’t have time to address in the compo.

Ludum Dare 23 postmortem 3

(Part 1 | Part 2)

Making Enemies

Saturday I developed Enemy AI and Food. The first Enemy was actually done Friday, simply a renamed, re-colored (red) variant of Player with a collision event to handle contact with the Player, and the control scheme modified to have the Enemy bacteria follow the nearest Player bacterium, not the mouse.

What resulted from this was actually surprising: (more…)

Ludum Dare 23 postmortem 2

(Read Part 1)

Once I decided that my idea to create a game based on bacteria was both interesting and within my capability, I needed to figure out if it would be technically feasible. I knew that I would be working in Game Maker, because I know it the best and can get results quickly with it.

Choose Your Weapons

I toyed with the idea of (more…)