TOTK Diary 42

I feel like before I go off and try to complete any more quests, I should wrap up the ones I’ve almost completed.

The pause menu has a handy Adventure Log section that tells you everything you have going on, which is a nice summary. If I wasn’t keeping this diary, it would be my only way of remembering where to go and what to do next between play sessions.

There’s a quest attached to the demonic voice that was heard beyond the hole in the wall in the Lookout Landing citadel. I’m supposed to find something there, but I haven’t found it yet.

I return, and when I went through previously I was trying to conserve my hammer and bombs, and only broke rocks enough to continue through. By so doing, I inadvertantly failed to discover that the first area where I had broken through a rock wall concealed a tunnel off to the side. I find it this time, and behind the broken rocks, I find a familiar looking demon statue, just like the one that was in Hateno Village in BOTW, who would bargain with me to exchange rupees and heart containers or stamina to re-balance my vital essences.

After discovering the statue, I return to tell the cleaning lady what the voice she had heard was, and she is relieved that it is not a demon who will take her away. This concludes the mission. I don’t think I’ll ever need or want to deal with the demon statue.

Next, I return to Lucky Clover Gazette and talk to Traysi, who wants me to continue to investigate the Zelda sightings and visit all the Stables in Hyrule. I’m unclear whether these are connected to each other, or separate tasks. She also tells me she will give me the suit of frog armor in time once I have proven myself by providing her with more news stories.

I’ve already talked to the people in the Stables who are reading the Gazette, and they have updated the stories to reflect some of the progress I’ve made in the game that they’re covering, namely the events at Rito Village.

By the cooking pot at the Gazette, I run into the character who I’ve met earlier, who dresses fancy and tells me about the famous bandit who hid some special outfits throughout Hyrule in hidden caves. I’ve already found one or two of these things, but I haven’t had much luck finding the rest of them, and from what I gather there must be many.

Next, I check out the down bridge to Rito Village, and find that Karson is there to do the repair, but hasn’t gotten started yet, because they underestimated the amount of supplies they need. I happen to have 20 wood on hand, which is all they need to finish repairs. I give it to them, and Karson gives me 100 rupees out of his supply budget as a reward. That closes another side quest.

Now I have to decide what to do next.

Looking at the Adventure Log, it looks like the Find Princess Zelda main quest is waiting for me to return to the Great Sky Island and find a Steward Construct. There’s a little red ! next to it, which means I need to do something, but it’s unclear what exactly. There were several Stewards on the island, and I’m not sure which one it means for me to go see, not that I really remember where any of them were.

I decide to try fast-traveling up there to see if I can find any to talk to, and hope it’s the right one.

I end up at the Shrine near to where the Zonai refinery was. I recall talking to a Steward there who told me about the battery pack that I carry. He said if I returned with enough Zonai charges, he could add to my battery capacity. I talk to him again, hoping for an upgrade, but I still don’t have enough. It’s crazy, I’ve been collecting a lot of them, and yet I still don’t have anywhere near the 100 needed.

That’s another reason why I haven’t bothered messing around with building things with the Zonai artifacts, yet — not enough battery power. I maybe get 20 seconds or so out of a device, and then I either have to dismount/deactivate it, or it self-destructs, and it’s not really worth it for all the limitations. If I could expand my battery power, it would really help.

I try fast-traveling to another part of the island, where I thought I recalled another Steward near the Temple of Time, but it isn’t there now, and I am left unsure where to go, or if I’m really supposed to be here.

I look around, surveying the land below, and spot another Geoglyph, one that I haven’t found the Tear pool for, and decide I might as well try to get there. I glide a long way, but it’s further off than I thought, and I have to dive at the end of my stamina meter, and then pop my glider just at the bottom of my fall. Fortunately this time my timing is perfect, and I take no damage.

I have a short overland jog to get there, but between my landing point and the Geoglyph there’s a Shrine I want to check out.

I go to it, and it is a series of challenges revolving around floating objects (that float in water). I can push them under with Ultrahand, and their buoyant property shoots them out of the water with great force, which can be used to do useful work in the right circumstances. I easily navigate all the obstacles and claim my Light of Blessing.

I also find a well neary some ruins, and go into it to explore, but there’s barely anything here. Just a few lizards. I Ascend up through the roof and come up right next to a Blue Bokoblin, who is surprised. I attack him first, quickly knocking him down, and finish him off. He has two friends nearby, and I face those as well, the spirit avatar of Tulin helping out with some arrow attacks. I defeat them easily and without taking damage.

Nearby, I find two korok seeds.

Then I decide to save time by fast-traveling to a nearby SkyView Tower, and from there it’s a short glide into the Eldin region, I’m near the volcanic lava field from Death Mountain, and below me is the Geoglyph I had spotted from high above. This one looks like the Purah Pad. I find another Korok here, and then I find the memory pool. This one reveals a vision of Princess Zelda, trapped in the past with King Rauru and the Zonai people. Zelda is showing her Purah Pad to another of Rauru’s sages. She says the device is interesting, but is not of Zonai origin. I assumed it was Sheikah technology, like the original BOTW Sheikah Slate, and this seems to confirm that. They discuss Zelda’s predicament of being out of her home time, and she is trying to figure out how to go back. Rauru’s sage explains that her Secret Stone has the power to amplify her innate talents with the powers of Light and Time, but that to master the power is up to Zelda. So for now she is stuck in the past. They mention that if a mortal eats a Secret Stone, they will become an Immortal Dragon, but doing so is forbidden, because to become an Immortal Dragon is to lose one’s self.

I kind of predict that this is a set up for Zelda to become an Immortal Dragon, sacrificing herself so that she can live all the way into the present day age, thereby returning again to aid the Kingdom of Hyrule, and perhaps to have the power needed to defeat the Demon King.

Well, that was interesting.

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