TOTK Diary 4

Immediately after the ruined stone shack with the cooking pot, I spot another nearby place of interest, and head there. It’s a little hollow cave in which there’s a pile of wood for a fire, and a treasure chest. In the treasure chest, I find cold weather pants that give me enough cold resistance that I won’t take damage when the food I ate wears off, in about 2 minutes. Super convenient.

I put the pants on and walk out, where I see Rauru again, and talk to him. He talks about the Zonai technology and how it was so useful, and that if I learn to master its use I will have an easier time in the world.

I see something that looks like a giant crystal ball above us on the top of the mountain we’re standing on, and using the Ascend ability, I travel up through an overhang and get to the top. There’s another steward bot, who I talk to, and it tells me that the crystal ball thing is a Zonai dispenser, which I can use to exchange zonai parts for finished zonai technology.

It’s like a giant gumball machine. You put in pieces of Zonai tech that you’ve found, and it spits out those handy little Zonai pods that you can keep in your pocket until you need them.

I’ve found a lot of the stuff all over the place, so I put in five and it spits out a bunch of bubbles at me and I stock up on wings, fans, cooking pots, and flame generators.

The steward mentioned using a Zonai wing to descend from the top of this mountain, so I think I’m supposed to use one of those pods right now to create one. Only I don’t know how to properly use it, and can’t get it to launch. I try dragging it to the edge of the cliff and it just drops like a stone, and I lose it.

Then I die a few times trying to figure out how to ride the thing as it’s falling, but that’s not what you do. While I’m doing that, I notice that there’s already a Zonai wing sitting on the ground, so I don’t need to use a pod. But I still can’t figure out how to make it work. I try gluing a fan to it, and it blows but not hard enough to take off. There’s too much friction on the ground and it doesn’t move.

I try everything I can think of, and then I see that down below, on the level where I was talking to Rauru, there’s three more of those wings, and they are on what appear to be more of those railroad tracks. I guess maybe these are launching ramps, and there’s less friction on those rails, so I could probably get that to work. I go down and attach a fan, get on, and activate it, and still nothing.

Then I notice that there’s an icicle that has grown, which is maybe blocking the wing from moving, so I hit it with my weapon and sure enough that does it, the fan blows the wing forward, it picks up speed and when I reach the end of the ramp, instead of a nosedive, I’m gliding.

I can somewhat control my direction and attack angle by positioning my weight on the wing, so I am kind of sky surfing. It’s amazing, and it should be awe inspiring and fun, but I’m still so annoyed at how hard it was to figure out how to launch that I’m not in the mood to enjoy it properly. But this feels like it should be one of the great moments of the game, the thrill of discovery, the thrill of flight, the thrill of seeing the whole world from above.

Far below, I see the Temple of Time. I’m still very high in the air, probably a few hundred feet up. And I’m not descending fast enough that I’m going to land this wing where I want to be, not if my goal is to get to the Temple and find Zelda.

Down below I’m over water, and I decide to dive off and hope that I survive. This works out just great. I splash down and swim over to the shore, right by the steps up to the Temple of Time.

I climb up and run to the Temple’s door, which opens.

I’m greeted by a cinematic cutscene, where I open the odor to find a big golden glowing… comma? It looks like a comma, the punctuation mark. We had seen something like this in the opening cutscene with the Demon King, there was a similar looking shape attached to the glowing arm that was apparently the power keeping the Demon King at bay, until we disturbed it.

Anyway, this comma kind of bursts, or hatches, and there’s Zelda. She touches my hand, my new bionic one, and it begins to glow that same golden color. I gain a new power, the power of Recall, which is the ability to move an object backward through time, through its motion path to where it came from. I guess the Zelda dev team liked Braid.

This is going to be useful, in so many ways, I’m sure.

Zelda disappears, and Rauru appears, and says even he doesn’t understand what just happened, but explains to me about the power of Recall.

There’s a mechanical clockwork mechanism moving in the background, my guess is that’s what I’m going to need to test my new power on.

I ponder, but it’s late and I need to sleep. Tomorrow, then.

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