TOTK Diary 26

Unsure how to proceed in Kakariko, I decide to do some more exploring, and see if I can unlock more of the map. I have a look at the map, and notice a geoglyph in an unmapped part of Hyrule that I’ve been through, but haven’t unlocked the tower for. I decide I’ll try to do that, and fast travel to a nearby tower from which I can launch into the air and try to glide as far into that uncharted region as possible before I have to touch down.

I easily make it across a river and reach a position directly over the geoglyph, and decide to land. It turns out that this is one is the first one that I had discovered, even before Impa told me to investigate these. So this does nothing to further my quest, but it gives me a realization that makes me feel a bit more oriented, I recognize someplace that I’ve been to before.

Nearby, there’s a familiar looking woman with a horse cart, and a tall climbable watch tower. I decide to go up it, and use it to glide as far as I can toward the sky tower for this region, which I have pinned on the map. I do this, and get maybe halfway to the tower. I come down on a steep hillside and climb up, and immediately find myself in trouble, as I’m right near a bokoblin tree stand. This particular stand is actually built on top of a Stone Talus, which comes to life, and the Battle Talus comes at me. These Bokoblins are well armed, with flame projectors and red chuchu jelly, and I’m completely unprepared for this. I just run for it, and get away, gliding off the hilltop, into a river valley below. Continuing away from the Battle Talus would take me further from the Tower I’m trying to get to, and also will put me in danger of a Stalnox I see crashing about in the night. The only way to go then, is down through the valley the other way, back toward where the Battle Talus was, and hope that they aren’t clever enough to rain rocks and fire down on me from up there.

They do not, but I do run into an angry apple tree that uproots itself and comes at me. It’s raining, so my fire equipment doesn’t do much damage, but I do throw a red chuchu jelly at it, causing it to combust, but only briefly. I pull out my stone axe and cut it down the rest of the way, earning a bunch of apples and some wood.

I proceed around the base of the river valley, trying to find a way up the other side to get closer to the Tower. It doesn’t take long for me to find an approach that will work; I climb back up the bank to get altitude, on the hill where the Battle Talus was. Then, I jump and glide over to the other side, and grab the wall of the ravine, and climb up.

I’m right where the Tower is, and it’s unguarded in the middle of an open field. It’s doors even open for me as I try to open them. Unfortunately, the control panel seems to be on the fritz and is blinking, and I can’t use it or fix it. There’s no one around, so I don’t know what to do.

I guess I’ll figure it out later. I look around and notice a shrine a ways off, a bit of a distance but not terrible, so I go to unlock it so I can at least fast travel back to here and return more easily later. Along the way, I find a korok who needs help, but I don’t bother with him after finding out that his friend is way past the shrine that I wanted to go to first. I’ll come back for him later. I mark his location on the map, and proceed to the shrine.

The shrine is a pretty fun one, a series of challenges based on rails. The first section is easy, I just need to place a steel plate on the rail and ride it down. The next challenge is a bit more difficult, this time the rails curve and go down a steep hill, and I need to add some side guides to keep it from falling off. But this too isn’t terribly difficult, and I make it over on the second attempt. It’s a good idea to test your vehicles before you ride them yourself, just to know what’s going to happen and see how they’ll fail.

The third challenge is tougher. There’s a double rail, running parallel from the platform I’m on, and they end over a big bottomless pit, where I’m supposed to somehow transition to a new rail, a single rail positioned in the middle. For propulsion, there are some Zonai fans that i can attach to it, giving it some power

I try creating a box, to completely enclose the rail on all sides, so the vehicle can’t fall off, but this only gets me halfway across before the box ends up tilted too much for me to stay on, and I fall. The solution instead of creating a box is to create a triple guide, with guides on both sides and one in the center. This accomplishes the transition perfectly, the center guide going between the middle rail that I need to transition to, and keeps it level and balanced so that I have an easy, gentle ride to the end.

I claim the Light of Blessing.

Now what?

I emerge from the Shrine and it’s raining so hard visibility is very poor, and it is dark.

It occurs to me that I didn’t try climbing the Sky Tower to see if I could figure out what was wrong with it. So I head back and attempt to do that. I glide much of the way, and get out of the rain as I do so. I reach the tower, and I manage to scale it, which isn’t easy, but with my extra stamina upgrades I’m just able to do it, although I have to rest a few times at places I find where standing is possible. Just as I reach the top, it starts raining, so hard that it’s just as before, very difficult to see much. But I’m very high up and I have a good view, anyway. I spot a shrine, far to the South, and pin it on the map. I also see another Geoglyph, one that I’ve marked on the map with a pin already, but one that I have not yet been to.

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