TOTK Diary 24

I decide since I’m not sure where to go next to just fast travel back to Lookout Landing and talk to Purah. I haven’t seen her since I left Impa and Caro back at the Forgotten Temple, and I’m sure she’ll be interested in the developments I’ve seen and all this new information.

It turns out this hunch is right. Purah wants me to go talk to her assistant, Robbie, and assist him with something. Purah chastises me for not having checked out the four points on the map that she wanted me to investigate, and tells me I need to learn how to use the Purah pad to keep track of things so I don’t forget. She tells me that Robbie can show me how it works.

I go talk to Robbie, who is busy talking with another of Purah’s assistants, Josha, about the Chasms and the Gloom. She wants to go investigate, but Robbie won’t let her, because it’s too dangerous. But a previous expedition recovered a slate with an interesting figure carved onto it, and she wants to learn more about it. Eventually Robbie agrees but says he’ll investigate it personally, and take me with him for protection.

So I guess I have a new mission, and it’s going back down into the underworld, this time with an actual purpose. Am I really ready yet? I’m desperately short on arrows, and I haven’t increased my life meter any, since the start of the game. I barely survived last time I went down there, but I spent an extended time wandering lost, not realizing that I could quick-travel back to the overworld any time I wanted to.

I decide to follow Robbie’s lead and run out to the small chasm south of Lookout Landing. I’m pretty sure this is the hole I went down the first time, too. This time, at the bottom of the chasm there’s a balloon vehicle and a Hylian man from Lookout Landing is there. He says that Robbie went on ahead but that they ran out of brightbloom seeds, and can’t do much with the gloom as bad as it is down here without them. The man says Robbie went west, and I try to follow the direction indicated, but it’s so dark down there that I get twisted around and lost, and eventually I decide to just try to open up as much of the map as I can, and head toward every Light Root I can get to. There are several within line of sight of me, and I get to at least two of them.

While I’m down there, I collect a bunch of Poes, and avoid combat as much as possible. There are times when it cannot be avoided, but I stay well clear of the Bokoblin camps down there, and concentrate on foraging, especially Poes and trying to activate Light Root stations so that I can travel and see more easily down there.

When I get in trouble, I fast travel back to Lookout Landing, take a free nap in the shelter, and go back to it. After activating a Lightroot tree, I notice a Hylian tent with a campfire and a Hylian sitting there. I expect he’s part of the expedition, and run over to talk to him. He reveals that he is actually a Yiga clan ninja in disguise, and attacks. I’m not ready for it, and he’s disappearing and teleporting act is much more dangerous in this gloomy dark world where it’s easy to get turned around. I can’t seem to focus on him, and my shield is activating its flame projector, which is completely unhelpful. I’m down half my health before I know it, and nope out of there with the Purah Pad teleporter.

The second trip, I follow the directions a bit better, and don’t get lost. This time it’s clearer; I follow the the direction that Robbie’s friend is looking in, and then continue following the light, until I reach Iyasus Light Root, where I find Robbie waiting for me. He tells me to use the camera on the Purah Pad to take a photo of a statue he’s found, which looks much like the figure depicted on the slate that Josha was excited about.

Robbie then realises my camera function isn’t working, and enables it for me, along with the Hyrule Compendium. I take a photo and show it to Robbie, who is excited and returns to Lookout Landing to tell Josha. I see no reason to stick around, so I fast travel back to Lookout Landing again, and show her. Josha is excited to see the photo, and proclaims that it does match the figure on the slate exactly, and proves that at one time people lived in the depths under Hyrule. This completes the quest.

I note that I’m about a dozen Poes short of being able to buy a new suit from the prayer statue in Lookout Landing.

I also note that I am not really furthering the Impa storyline by all that I’ve done with Josha and Robbie, but that’s OK. I also haven’t done what Purah has asked me to do to investigate the four zones of activity, or whatever she called them.

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