TOTK Diary 15

Outside the shrine I just completed, there’s a little lost Korok not far away, looking to be reunited with his friend. I help him out, just picking him up and carrying him over by walking, using the Ultrahand ability. This is slow but involves no difficulty, and is probably easier than trying to build a vehicle of some kind. I’m rewarded with two Korok seeds for my trouble.

Near the Koroks, I spot a lady with a horse and wagon, and go talk to her. She is trying to get a load of stuffed sand seal plush toys to the children of Hateno village. I startle her, and her horse kicks the cart, causing the merchandise to go flying into the water. I offer to help, but she wants me to give her 20 rupees as a deposit in case I steal her wares, and I have to complete the task under a time limit.

Forget you, lady, pick them up your damn self then. I offered to help, and I have better things to do with my time.

I only hope that bringing toys to the children of Hateno doesn’t unlock something else that’s worthwhile down the road.

I look back to where I left the Koroks, and there’s a tall pillar with a platform atop it, with a long ladder to make it easy to climb up. I do so, hoping to get a good view and maybe it’ll be a good spot to glide from to get to something interesting.

At the top of the pillar, I’m looking down into the river which flows nearby, looking almost directly at a large boulder. I wonder, most likely there’s something to do here, perhaps I should try gliding to that rock, and see what happens.

But looking at my map, there’s already several pinned locations nearby that I would like to check out, so I decide to try to focus on finding and completing Shrines for the time being, since that is basically one of the only ways that I can earn permanent rewards.

I pick a Shrine location that I’d pinned and run towards it, but before I get very far, I see another shooting star fall from the sky. I try running toward it, but this time I don’t have a horse, and I can’t cover the distance before its shining beacon gives out, and I lose it.

There’s a shrine nearby when the beacon fades, and I go into it; it’s a combat challenge, a tutorial for throwing weapons. There are a few rusty halberds, and a Zainite soldier to practice throwing at. I hit him a few times, and earn a Zainite spear and a Light of Blessing.

Exiting the shrine, now I’m right by another Korok who wants to be reunited with his friend. OK, this is easy enough, and he’s right here. I just pick him up with Ultrahand and walk him over to his friend, and collect my two seeds reward.

Only, on my way walking over, I’m ambushed by some moblins and bokoblins who spotted me from their tower, and come over to fight me. I’m surrounded before I know it, and get killed. I respawn and try again, this time keeping more distance between me and the enemies, and deliver the Korok safely to his friend, earning another two seeds.

There’s another shrine near their camp sight, off the trail and back into a wooded area. I enter and it’s another combat challenge. This time, I’m stripped of all my gear, and have to win the challenge with the provided armaments: a shield, bow, 10 arrows, and a club.

There’s 3 or 4 Zonaite soldiers, one armed with a bow, the others with melee weapons. I have a fairly easy time defeating them, nailing them with a few arrows before they get in close to where I need to finish them off using the club. The club only lasts a few hits, before breaking, but I’m able to disarm another Zonaite soldier and take his weapon, and use it to defeat the rest of them.

Not bad.

There’s a treasure chest with a Zonaite weapon, and then I get another Light of Blessing. I’m up to 7 now, and if I get one more I’ll be able to cash them in for 2 more heart containers or some extra stamina.

Yes, please.

Updated: 2023-May-21 — 11:40 pm

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