TOTK Diary 11

Well, it looks like I’m probably stuck down here for a while.

The underworld is dark and dangerous.

I have a bunch of those brightbloom berries that I can use to light up the immediate surroundings. These are pretty essential, and I hope I don’t run out of them before I can figure out how to get out of here.

Without them, it’s so dark I can’t see shit. It’s practically pitch black, and I could be walking straight into a wall and not really know it.

There’s patches of Gloom all over, and walking into it drains my life meter, and I can’t replenish health with food until I recover from the Gloom. I can do that if I’m in the vicinity of one of the underground travel towers. I tried fast traveling back to the one point I saw on the map that I could travel to, and it turns out that it was the underground light source that I had activated earlier, not a way back to the surface.

I’ve run into a couple of Bokoblin camps, and fought them. They are plentiful, they move pretty quickly, and they use bows. They can kill me if I’m not taking them seriously, and I’m pretty weak with only a 4-heart health meter, weakened by Gloom, and basically no armor.

Weapons are plentiful. There’s skeleton bokoblins and if you kill them their arms are a 20-damage weapon, which is far more powerful than anything else I’ve found so far, although they break very quickly. Living bokoblins and moblins seem to have a fire affinity, and will use fire. You have to watch out for that. I’ve also encountered some weird giant toad looking things that hop around and are a nuisance.

I found a couple of skeleton horses, and tamed one, and discovered that I can safely travel over pools of Gloom while riding them. So that is handy. But riding fast in the dark is bad. So I ride a bit, shoot off a glow berry arrow a distance ahead, explore and grab any forage I can find, and repeat.

I make my way around the perimeter of the area that illuminated when I activated the travel tower, and then pick a direction at random, and head to the west on the map, and after a bit of peril I find and activate another travel tower. Handy.

But how do I get back to the surface? That’s what I really want to do right now. I feel like I don’t really belong here just yet, but I’m surviving OK, and should be able to handle it down here as long as I don’t have to fight too much, and don’t go through all my supplies, which… I’m going to run out of food pretty soon and I’m going to be pretty screwed if I do, and I’ll also be pretty screwed if I run out of light source.

The forage here is different. There’s a plant that can confuse enemies, causing them to fight each other. Which seems like a good thing to put on an arrow, and then shoot into a camp and let things sort themselves out while I stand off at a distance and avoid getting into any fights.

There’s also bomb plants, which as you might expect, give you a form of bomb. It’s apparently pretty powerful, when I used one it really trashed the boko I hit with it, although that might have also been due to secondary explosions from an explosive crate.

And some kind of spore producing mushrooms, which I don’t know what those do yet.

I don’t know if I should continue to explore laterally, or maybe try to climb. There’s some elevated things that look like tree roots but are probably rock, since I can’t imagine tree roots being at this depth, given how far I fell to get here… it doesn’t seem like climbing would be a fast way out of here, and might take like hours.

Updated: 2023-May-18 — 11:30 pm

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