Metroid: Dread diary 10

I have a closer look at the map of Dairon, and look for more places where I can break through walls and ceilings using the Speed Boost power. I find some areas where I can do it, near where I first entered from Cataris the first time I visited here.

I make my way there, and get a running start, activate Shine Spark, and jump vertically, punching through several ceilings of breakable blocks. I am rewarded with a Missile Container, and some new progress. A little beyond this point, I discover a Yellow Transporter pad, and take it to Artaria.

Here, I explore a new section of Artaria, and end up discovering a room with a Chozo statue, which gives me the Grapple Beam. The Grapple Beam takes some getting used to, but is so cool. It will let me grab certain magnetic blocks and pull them towards me, moving them out of the way so I can clear an obstacle. It also allows me to swing Tarzan-like from certain magnetic blocks on the ceiling. And it also allows me to pull myself toward any magnetic panels that I can Spider Magnet climb on, which means that I can now get to magnetic panels that are too far to reach by jumping.

Again, the level designers provide immediate opportunities to put this new power to use, and I test it out, and learn how to use each of the three functions it provides. A little further on, I find another elevator pad that will take me back to Dairon.

In Dairon, I take a route to tour the locations of the speed boost blocks. I find some locations where I can obtain Missile Containers, and some locations where I can break through with the Speed Boost and open new areas. I find a Missile Container that is at the ceiling of a large room, and I have to swing to it using the Grapple Beam, which I manage to do, clumsily. Then I find a transportation pad that will take me to a new zone I haven’t visited, called Ferenia. Is this where I’m supposed to go next?

I guess in Metroid games the whole point is that there’s not really a “supposed to”, but you have some choice.

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