Zelda: BOTW Diary (72)

I’m on a foraging quest, looking for stuff that I can use to augment my clothing to max it out with Fairy enhancements. I don’t really need do to this, but it’s something to do before I go on to complete the game.  The armor boosts are definitely helpful, but I avoid combat so much, and at this point I have so much of the game completed that it’s unlikely I’ll ever need to wear certain outfits again, unless I decide I want to go back to visit a part of the world that I have no real reason to revisit other than that I feel like it.

Around Goron City on Death Mountain, I collect numerous fireproof lizards, which are needed to improve my fireproof armor suit, which I don’t really need to wear any longer, except if I’m going to Death Mountain.  I also need something called a smotherwing butterfly, which I have found one of, also on Death Mountain.  Butterflies are hard to catch, because you have to sneak up on them, and most of the time I’m trying to move at full speed to get from point A to point B, so I rarely stop to catch them, and usually by the time I’ve spotted them, it’s too late and I’ve already startled them, and they fly away.  Same too with the lizards for that matter, but at least I know they are plentiful around the South Goron Mine site.

I go there, and find a bunch of lizards, but not one butterfly.  I talk to the Goron who’s name ends in -son, Greyson,and tell him about Tarrey Town; he and his little brother Pelison decide to head there to start a new life.

I transport over to Korok village, where I’ve read I can find the stealthfin trout that I need.  I find some at the lake in the southwest part of Hyrule Forest, but not that many — only 3 or 4, maybe, and I need something like 30 of them.

For yellow lizalfos tails and molduga parts, there’s only one place to go for those — Gerudo Desert.  Well, I could get lizalfos tails around Zora’s Domain, also, but in Gerudo I can find both. I encounter a number of yellow lizalfos randomly and hunt and take down two Molduga.  They don’t seem as hard to kill now, I’m sure the stronger weapons I have now make it a much easier quarry to kill.  I take one out with two bombs and a flurry of blows from the one remaining Dragonbone Moblin Club in my inventory, which does the trick just as it is broken on the last hit – exactly one DMC exchanged for one dead Molduga.

I go to the Fairy in Gerudo and augment what I can, and then I return back to Death Mountain to look for more butterflies.  I talk to more Gorons in Goron City, and pick up two new sidequests.  One is to defeat an Igneus Stone Talus by a lava lake near the Abandoned Northern Mine area.  I head out that way, taking a long route looking for butterflies, but I only see one, and it gets away from me.  I do end up foraging a lot of gemstones, though, which is good for selling to get more rupees, which I’m going to need a lot of for the Akkala Tech Lab gear and for the Hateno Tech Lab picture album. 

While I’m in the vicinity, I spot a giant skeleton on the map, and it looks like it may have a skull intact, so I head that way to check it out, and sure enough I found the last Leviathan skeleton to complete that sidequest at Serenne Stable.  I glide down and land on the skull, and hear a lot of monster chatter below.  It seems there’s a large group of bokoblins and moblins hanging out underneath the ribcage.  I drop bombs on them until they all die, which is a lot of bombs, but I’m patient and it only takes time.  Once they’re all done, I drop down and pick up loot, and then snap a photo of the skull.

I find and slay the Talus, and return to Goron City to close out the side quest, and then transport to Serenne stables to show the photo to the scientist and close out that sidequest, and then I decide to head to Tarrey Town to see what happened with Greyson and Pelison. 

They’ve settled in nicely and Greyson works for Hudson, removing rocks and he keeps the minerals, which Pelison sells at his little shop.  It’s way more than I’d pay for the stuff, since I can pick it up at will for little effort, but if I particularly need a diamond and have 2000 Rs burning a hole in my pocket, I guess I can go there.

Hudson is happy, and wants more wood bundles from me to build more houses.  I give him what I have, and he tells me he wants to find a tailor who can mend his clothes. I don’t need the hint, but he mentions Gerudo, so back I go to the Gerudo oasis, where I met the Gerudo woman who was a skilled tailor, and tell her about Tarrey Town.  She heads off to make her fortune there. 

I teleport back to Tarrey Town to find her, she’s set up shop already, and Hudson is happy.  He wants even more wood bundles, which I happen to have enough, so I give them to him, and then he tells me he wants to find a person to run a shop.  There was a Rito in the Rito village who wanted to own his own store and sell his own things one day; I transport out there and go talk to him, and he says he’ll check it out. 

I go back to Tarrey Town and he’s settled in and created his own store, where he sells arrows and I buy some — he has the best price I’ve seen on bundles of normal arrows, plus he has an Ancient Gear that I could use for augmentations, so I buy that as well.  

More people have settled in Tarrey Town, and it’s become a real village, with a diverse population from all over Hyrule. There’s an old couple who moved here to retire, and a rich man who hires me to take care of some Guardians who are patrolling the wetlands down below Tarrey Town.  I glide down there, equip my Ancient armor suit, and fight them; they go down easily with the Master Sword, and I reap a ton of ancient parts from them.  There’s a whole bunch of ruined Guardians scattered all about in this area, as well, so I make sure to visit each one and pick up what I can find there.

I get a bunch of screws, some gears, and a few shafts, but no more cores.  I am low on cores and need to find more in order to augment my ancient armor further.  I guess I’ll just have to continue hunting Guardians, which, now that I’m this powerful, shouldn’t be a problem anymore.

There’s a young family who has moved to Tarrey Town as well, for the health of their daughter, who 

Hudson wants still more wood from me, but I’m tapped out, and it’s going to be a while before I can amass the 50 bundles he needs to continue building.  It seems that Tarrey Town has a lot of sidequests that keep opening up the more you do there.

I go back to the Fairy fountain near Tarrey Town and augment my clothes a bit more, and also to check and see what else I need to find in order to do the rest of it.  On the way back from the fountain to Tarry Town, I spot Kilton’s hot air balloon, down on the shore of the lake surrounding the bluff that Tarrey Town is build atop of.  I glide down to pay him a visit, snap a photo, and see what he has for sale at Fang and Bone, which is now open.

Kilton explains to me that he only takes Mon, a currency he invented, which I can obtain by giving him monster parts.  I happen to have a lot of monster parts in my inventory, and since I don’t make many elixirs, there’s never any shortage, even though I don’t go out of my way to fight a lot, I still have dozens to over a hundred of this and that, most of which I have little use for, and have been trading in for Rupees at the shops of Hyrule so I can pay for clothes and armor.

I trade him enough monster parts to get me up over 1200-1400 Mon, and then I buy his Dark armor, just the body suit part.  It allows me to run faster at night, supposedly, which I guess that’s good.  I take it to the Fairy fountain later and find that it cannot be augmented, though, which means it’s stuck at a defense rating of 3, which is paltry, and that kindof sucks.  Considering how late in the game it is for me to be doing this part of the game, it doesn’t seem like Kilton is all that essential or useful to me at this point.  

He also sells some other stuff — masks, that would allow me to be ignored by a type of monster if I wear it:  lizal, moblin, bokoblin, or lynel.  And some horse gear which I guess accomplishes the same thing for my horse if I’m riding. 

I just don’t see a lot of need for this stuff, especially now.  I can kill anything I want to in the game now, at will, with the exception of Lynels, who are still a challenge, but if I take them on I can prevail.  And anything I don’t want to kill, I can run away from without difficulty, and even if it was difficult, I could just teleport using my Sheikah Slate.  So Kilton’s Fang and Bone inventory seems all rather superflulous.  It’s nice, I guess, but I’m nonplussed.

It’s possible, I suppose, that when I decide to take on Ganon, that some of Kilton’s masks would come in handy to help me avoid encounters leading up to Ganon so that I can conserve hearts and weapons.  But otherwise it’s probably not all that important, and serves more to provide padding to make the game longer and give me more to do en route to 100% completion.

I have my photo of Kilton, which the guard at Akkala stables wanted to see.  So I go there and show him, and complete that sidequest.  He gives me some rupees for my trouble.  I worry though that this will mean trouble for Kilton somehow down the road, and while Kilton is creepy and lacking in charm, I don’t think he’s harmful to anyone but monsters, and deserves to be left be.

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