Zelda: BOTW Diary (31)

I found two jungle shrines. The first one, I had to give up trying to climb the steep cliffs in the thunderstorm, and instead left the jungle area entirely, and came back to it from the north, which is at higher elevation, and thus made it easy to get to the right level I needed to be at. I saw a shrine-shaped hump of rock in the spot where the sensor was pinging the loudest, and still couldn’t figure it out. I kept hearing the bird-man’s accordion song, and I finally found the bird-man. His name is Kass, and he was surprised that I could make it up this high without wings. He sang me a song with a clue about lightning which confirmed that the suspicious rock was the shrine I had spent the better part of 14 hours looking for over the last 3 days.
I climbed atop it, and dropped a metal item, and jumped off quick, and within about a minute, a powerful lightning strike hit and blew the rock crust off of the shrine, exposing it. I entered and was rewarded, my worthiness proven by finding it.
I found a second shrine behind the big waterfall at the top of the system of falls. This one took some searching before I found it. I suspected there would be one there, but couldn’t find a way to walk behind the falls. This time, I had to go over the falls swimming, and then activated my paraglider, and was lucky enough to get into the cave blind.
There was so much video clipping when I went down the falls that I have to wonder if this was really the way they intended for players to find it, or if I just got lucky doing something the wrong way that ended up working.
This shrine had a challenge involving balls going into holes. It looked like it was supposed to involve precision timing to avoid moving obstacles that would block the ball, but I just used the ice power to float the balls in the water close to the holes they went into, lifted them up, climbed the ice block, and threw the balls in. It was a lot easier than they made it out to be, and I felt clever for finding a simple solution that bypassed the intended puzzle path.
After so many hours of looking for these shrines, I deserved an easy time.
Outside both shrines, I found more floating crates and sunken chests with more loot, mostly arrows and rupees, nothing great.
I transported back to Lakeside Stables.
I’m not sure what to do next.
I still don’t know how to deal with the electric dragon that flies around the jungle area, or the one on Lanayru mountain. Perhaps there are clues somewhere, but I haven’t uncovered much of anything. It seems like villagers only know little tidbits about the region, and I haven’t run into very many characters like Purah or Impa who are “in the know” about deep secrets. Perhaps there will be more clues given if I can ever find another memory spot, but those seem to be about as easy to find as those last two shrines. (You were expecting me to say “needle in a haystack” weren’t you. But the shrines were harder.)
I feel like I have done a lot of exploring, and I truly have, but I’ve still only covered maybe 1/3 of the world map. Maybe it’s time to go on a tower run and get into new territories.
I could also go back to finding more Guardian parts so I can get my Sheikah slate upgraded.  I really could use more powerful, faster recharging bombs, especially. And being able to time-freeze enemies would come in super handy as well.
Updated: 2020-May-04 — 8:06 am

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