Zelda: BOTW Diary (17)

I went back to Hateno village to find Horsey, but I could not find him! I think maybe if you have two horses active in the world, and capture a third, maybe it de-spawns the first one. Or something like that. I wonder if he is gone-gone, or if he want back to the Stable somehow automatically. If he is gone-gone, I will miss himb.

When I warped back to Hateno village, I talked to Purah and she needs different parts from Guardians in order to augment my Sheikah slate further, and apparently these are only loot drops from killing active Guardians, so it doesn’t look like I’m getting my cell phone upgrade any time soon.

I decided to go check out Hateno Beach area and see if I could take out the monsters that were stealing the farm girl’s sheep.

I make my way down that way, and using my Sheikah scope, I spot them from probably a mile away or more. The area here is pretty open and expansive, and I decided to check out a few other things. What looked like a large skeleton on the shore turned out to be a sleeping monster, a humanoid lizard thing, and there are living ones and undead ones around. I ended up running into a lot of Chu Chu’s and bokoblin skeletons as well, and went through a few weapons to kill them, which annoyed me, because I figured I would need my better weapons against the 7 sheep rustlers. They did drop some OK weapons, at least. I found a kurok seed by jumping into a ring of rocks in the water, and then I spotted a tall pillar of rock out in the bay, and figured I could just about reach it if I glided there from some nearby cliffs.

I just about barely did, and when I landed I could hear accordion music. As I was coming in I could see a figure standing on top of the rock pillar, and I wondered how he could have gotten there, as there was no boat. My glider didn’t even make it all the way there, I had to land on a rock at the water level, then rest a bit, and swim the rest of the way to the pillar, rest again, and then climb it.

When I did, I found that the figure playing music was not a human, but a bird-man. So I guess it was easy for him to fly here. He sang me a song about a hidden cache located near the rock, here, but I didn’t understand the clue. So I left that for now.

I just barely was able to swim back to shore, and had to hike a long way to get to where the bokoblin camp was, and on the way I fought more enemies, and they surrounded me and beat me up a bit, and I ended up using two fairies. Now I was really not in any shape to try to take on the camp.

I didn’t want to run back to restock on stuff, though, so I thought I would just try and hope for the best.

As I got closer, I saw an advantageous high-ground position where I thought I might just be able to rain arrows down on them, and hopefully score a few head shots and take them out. If that didn’t work, then I could try waiting until night time and see if they went to sleep, and then I could take them out through stealth.

These guys were tough, and better armed than most bokoblins I’ve come across, and I ended up running through all of my bomb arrows, and several fire arrows taking them out, but I managed to do it at long range. Only the last one made it up to me and I had to deal with him hand-to-hand, but I managed to use my shield against him and he didn’t hurt me.

I looted the camp and took everything I could carry, then teleported back up to the Hateno Ancient Science Lab, since it’s right next to the farm, and went to talk to the farm girl. She rewarded me with ten Milks. Considering all the risk I took and the weapons I went through, it doesn’t seem worth it, but heroes aren’t really in it for the money.

After that, I decided to go back to Kakariko village, and see if I could get any more fairies at the fairy pond. I was in luck and managed to nab three of them, which is awesome. I also found all the other foragable items had replenished, and so collected more.

I went back to the village and discovered another Korok seed, which I got by making an offering at these statues where they have offering baskets. There’s an apple in one of them, and if you’re greedy you can take the apple. But I have 99 apples, so I put one in each of the 5 baskets, and then a Korok appeared. I’ve gotten pretty good at finding these guys, and now have over 20 seeds. I need to find Hestu again so he can give me more carrying capacity in my inventory.

While walking in Kakariko, I talked to an old man who I’d met there earlier, who had tipped me off about the fairy pond nearby. He was still looking for it himself, and asked me to help him go there. So I did, and he got tired climbing up the trail, so he asked me to go further and see if I could find it, and take a picture for him.

So I did that, and he rewarded me by telling me directions to the location where one of Zelda’s cellphone camera gallery pictures is located.

Since I really had no clue where to begin looking for those camera pic locations, this was very helpful. I looked on the map and headed off in the direction the old man said, and started seeing architectural structures that looked like gateways and aquaducts. I was walking along a river on a stone road at the bottom of a deep ravine. I had several combat encounters — a Yiga clan warrior, a few bokoblins, and some random bokoblin skeletons and chu chus and kees. I also ran into a new kind of aquatic humanoid lizard-like monster. I did well and defeated them all without getting killed myself.

About halfway to where I eventually found the location where Zelda took the photo on my Sheikah slate, I started getting pings from a nearby Shrine. I looked for it all over, and couldn’t find it. Eventually I moved on and found the place where the photo had been taken, and it awakened memories which told me more of the story, about how Zelda and four great warriors were on this road when Calamity Ganon awakened. They seemed pretty desperate to use their four Legendary Beasts to try to stop him.

It seemed like the next thing to do was go back to Kakariko village again and talk to Impa, but rather than just teleport back, I decided to hike it back, because I figured there would be things I had missed on the way out, and/or maybe some scripted story events, and I didn’t want to miss them. The only thing that I did end up doing was finding that shrine that I couldn’t find on the way out, but it took me probably about 2-3 hours of hunting to do it, and took even longer thanks to frequent rainstorms that inhibited my climbing.

This one was very well hidden, behind a waterfall, in a cave that was so well concealed that I had walked past it 3 or 4 times before I finally found it.

Solving the shrine was fairly easy; there was a humongous pressure switch in the floor, and I couldn’t actuate it by standing on it. But I found three heavy treasure chests, and using magnetic powers on them, I moved them to sit on top of the switch, and their combined weight activated it.

I got the contents of the chests, which was just money and a gem, and a spirit orb, and then I went back to hiking home. I spotted another likely Korok seed location in the river, and checked it out. I had to fight another one of those lizard guys, but I was right that it was indeed another Korok seed hiding spot.

After getting this seed, I saw some fish in the river, grabbed them, and then swam closer to what I thought were fish, but it was more of those lizard dudes.

I didn’t want to fight them, so I ended up aborting on hiking it the rest of the way back to Kakariko, and used the slate to warp me back.

Then I talked to Impa, who gave me a blue tunic and told me some more clues.

That was all I had time for tonight.

I’ll miss you, Horsey. You were my first horse, and you were gentle and good. We had some great times.

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