Zelda BOTW Diary (11)

I captured another horse. This one wasn’t spotted, but its stats weren’t any better than the first horse, so I didn’t bother spending the money to register it.

I went out and saw a black horse, and tried to tame it, but it just throws me off every time. I thought maybe it just would take multiple attempts and wear it down, but it doesn’t seem to work that way. I gather I need to gain some ability, possibly just a bigger stamina meter, before I can get this type of horse.

So I gave up on that, and rode out on the road to Kakariko Village. I had a few encounters along the way, found two Korok seeds, a variety of animals, and talked to someone who clued me in that if I bomb the mineral deposits I’ve been seeing here and there, I can get gem loot drops out of them, so I picked up some of those as well.

I get to the village, talk to some people, and meet Impa. She tells me a bit more of the story, but discerns that I’ve lost my memory, and she doesn’t feel it fair to burden me with the quest she has for me until I’ve restored more of my memories.

I leave and scout the surrounding area to look for more shrines and other things to do. I climb up a big hill, and spot a nearby shrine, which I figure I might be able to hang glide to. I make it just exactly, as though the flight path were designed intentionally. Nice.

I go into the shrine, and my first combat trial begins. I learn how to do some dodge moves and my charge attack, and break the really nice sword they give me in the process. But the little guardian-like robot I fight in there drops its sword, and it’s even better. I claim my spirit orb, and move on.

Near this shrine, I had spotted an odd-looking house(?) slightly further up the hill. I head that way, and spot a round receptacle that looks like I need to put a ball into it. I look around but don’t find anything. But while looking around everywhere, I find a huge amount of forage, including some new herbs. I see some new animals, too — a hart, a fox, and a blue mountain goat. I don’t manage to kill any of them. They spook too easily. Well, I did kill a fox, but it was standing too close to the edge of a cliff, and its meat drop fell off the edge. Whoops!

I go back to the weird house-looking thing, and it’s actually a fairy pond. I manage to capture a fairy, and exploring the woods, I found a lot more mushrooms, nightshade, bird eggs, and some minerals.

I clean the area out, and return to the fairy pond and have a closer look of the thing I thought was a house. It’s actually a giant flower. I examine it, and the fairy living inside speaks to me, and tells me it needs 100 rupees to restore its power. I only have 40, so I walk back down to Kakariko Village to sell some of my haul. I check in with Impa again, and this time, I notice there’s a ball that looks like it must go into that receptacle near the fairy pond. I try to grab it, but Impa tells me I shouldn’t touch it.

So I go to the store, and trade in some gems, and return to the fairy pond. The thankful fairy emerges from its flower home, and offers to augment my clothes. The only clothes I can upgrade are my pants, and the fairy boosts their defense +2. I was hoping I’d get some more story or a free heal spot, or something. I’m not disappointed exactly, but I’m puzzled and not sure what to do next.

I return to Impa and she offers to tell me the rest of the story if I’m ready, so I take her up on it, and she tells me more about the four legendary beasts. One looks like a lizard, one looks like a bird, one looks like a camel, and one looks like an elephant. I get a few more choices about what to do next.

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