GameMaker Humble Bundle – super cheap and source code too!

GameMaker Humble Bundle pay what you want, but for just $15 you can get licenses for GameMaker: Studio Professional and the ability to create games for HTML5, Android, iOS, and Windows UWP, which together normally cost several hundred dollars. The total value of the entire bundle is $1885, making this one of the best value bundles I’ve seen in the history of the Humble store.

Additionally, you can also get a number of commercially released indie games that were built in GameMaker, and for a few of those games, you even get the source code. It’s very exciting to be able to look at source code written by professionals to see how it’s done. Titles offering their source code include: Extreme Burger Defense, Freeway Mutant, Shep Hard, Angry Chicken, Galactic Missile Defense, Uncanny Valley, Ink, 10 Second Ninja X, Cook, Serve, Delicious!, Flop Rocket, Solstice, and Home.

The sheer cheapness of this giveaway leads me to wonder whether the release of GM:S 2.0 may be immanent. Time will tell. In the mean time, this is a spectacular value bundle and well worth buying for the project source alone.


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  1. I wonder what exactly we can do with the source code.. only look at? Or modify and publish somewhere..?


    1. That's a good question… Right now I don't know the answer, but even if the only thing you could do with it is read it, there's bound to be a lot of value to be had in seeing how other developers code. Everyone has a different coding style, and it's very illuminating to see how different people approach a problem.


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