Site changes

In the last few days, I’ve made a number of changes to this site. I wanted to explain them briefly.

Theme update

The site is now using a theme called Frontier, which replaces the Able theme that I’d been using for the last few years. The two are very similar in layout, but I think Frontier has superior typography and it is more configurable, and I think its responsive layout works a bit better on mobile devices.

Projects page replaces Releases

Releases felt like it needed some reorganization and dressing up. I’ve re-done the content, adding screen shots of the games that I’ve made, and updating the text descriptions. I’ve also moved the sidebar links to my GameMaker assets to the Releases page, and removed links to some of my older projects which by now are outdated and somewhat embarrassing because I’m a much better programmer now. If you really want to look at that stuff, the downloadable files are still available for now.

Graphic Design, Recommendations pages retired

In 2010 I took a class to learn Adobe Illustrator, and posted my homework there. It was intended that this would grow in time to become a full portfolio showing of my works. But then I ended up focusing more and more on programming. I hadn’t added anything to the Graphic Design page in years, and the content there felt stale for some time, so I’ve taken that page down. I may eventually get around to putting up a gallery page for my pixel art and other video game graphics.

I pulled the Recommendations page down because it wasn’t getting much traffic, and I haven’t maintained the content there as much as I thought I was going to.

Updated: 2017-Nov-22 — 8:05 am

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