New GameMaker Community Forums now live (finally!)

Following up on my earlier posts on this subject, after long delays, the new GameMaker Community Forums is now live. The archive of the old GMC forums is still at its old url. YoYo Games are offering a 10% discount coupon as a token of appreciation to users who’ve put up with the lengthy downtime as the old forums were transitioned and the new forums took unexpectedly long to bring online. It’s good to have writable¬†forums once again.


Updated: 2024-Apr-25 — 6:29 pm


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  1. Sucks that we are required a minimum of 10 characters in password..


    1. Daniel, I don’t agree at all. Password security requirements are a good thing. Long passwords are much harder to defeat through brute force. People should not use weak passwords, but without some guidance and constraint, it’s proven that they will.


      1. 8 characters with case sensitive, numbers and other symbols should be enough.


        1. Try your 8-char pw in and then add another two random characters to it.

          I’m getting 2 days to brute force and 8 character pw using mixed case alpha, numbers, and symbols. On a 10-char pw, I get 53 years. I typically use longer pw on sites I really care about.


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