GameMaker has a roadmap

A few months ago while I was submitting bug reports for the HTML5 beta, I’d asked one of the mantis bugtracker admins if there was a public roadmap for YoYoGames’ plans for the product. At the time, there wasn’t.

Now there is.

Currently, the document as is is very high level and doesn’t go into as much detail as I’d like, but it’s a start. It’s good to know that this exists now, where it didn’t a few months ago. Knowing what YYG has planned for the product is very useful for game developers who want features that don’t exist yet, and helps to foster conversation between them and the YYG developers who deliver those features.

Overall, I’m very pleased to see YYG being responsive and listening to their users. Over the last few months, I’ve been able to interact with prominent persons from YYG, through twitter and this blog, and I am very appreciative of this opportunity to interact with them, ask questions, and provide feedback.

Updated: 2014-Aug-17 — 4:48 am

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