Boobie Teeth 0.19

Boobie Teeth 0.19 is now up on Releases. I’ve skipped public release of 0.18, which had some experimental AI in it that proved buggy. 0.19 is mostly a cleanup release, where most of the script code has been re-written and documented better. There are a lot of new things in 0.19, as well:

  • Disabled unstable AI routines from 0.18.
  • Fixed Pause function to display “Game Paused” in center of main view when game is paused.
  • Fixed collision mask on fish sprites to prevent “close-call” collisions.
  • Major code refactor to replace drag/drop actions with GML code scripts for improved readability, reuse. This cleanup should make implementation of future features easier.
  • Menu and configuration screens partly implemented.
  • Game runs in Full Screen mode, automatically sized to the display.
  • Renamed constant “SURFACE” to SEA_LEVEL to avoid potential confusion with drawing “surfaces”.
  • Game reads settings from .ini file on load, checks values for validity, and rewrites default values to correct a corrupted file.
  • Game reads local stats from .ini file on load, updates file after each game.
  • Fixed a latent bug with the Fish-Fish Collision that resulted in fish sometimes mutually eating each other.

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