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I’ve switched WordPress themes. Formerly, I was using Thematic; now I’m using LightWord.

I really like both of these themes, they are high quality work. I don’t have a reason for changing, other than to learn though experimentation.

I did find that I needed to make a couple minor modifications to the default stylesheet for LightWord, to make the main article text a bit larger so it’ll be easier to read without having to resort to zooming the page. On my 15.4″ notebook screen, at 1680×1050 resolution, the default text size was uncomfortably small at 100% zoom.

I’ve tested it in IE8, FF3.6, and Chrome 5 on Windows 7, and I haven’t seen any problems so far. If you notice any, drop me a comment and I’ll look into it. Be sure to say what your OS and Browser are, and be as specific as possible about the problem.



I’ve switched to the wider-layout configuration for LightWord, in order to accomodate YouTube videos. I think the narrower width layout is nicer for text, though, as it makes for a more readable line length for the main content column. I’m not sure if fitting default-sized YouTube videos is worth it, given that I can resize them down and that text is going to be the main thing people will likely be reading here.

Updated: 2023-Nov-07 — 1:33 pm


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  1. I haven’t messed with formatting of themes on my blog, but I have changed my theme a lot. If I actually have any readers I hope it doesn’t annoy them. I’m glad I’m not the only one that changes their theme, and I don’t mind seeing someone change things. I’ve just started my blog recently, so I’m trying different stuff out.


    1. Same here… I don’t really see a point to change for change sake, but as a learning exercise to explore and find out what I can do it’s been interesting. I’m still in the shallow end of things here, but one of the things I love about WP is how open it is to being modified if you want/need to. The admin interface lets you do almost everything you could want to do without having to code anything, but if you find that you need to, you can do that too, right in the browser window. It’s quite handy.


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