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Ludum Dare 23 postmortem 3

(Part 1 | Part 2)

Making Enemies

Saturday I developed Enemy AI and Food. The first Enemy was actually done Friday, simply a renamed, re-colored (red) variant of Player with a collision event to handle contact with the Player, and the control scheme modified to have the Enemy bacteria follow the nearest Player bacterium, not the mouse.

What resulted from this was actually surprising: (more…)

Ludum Dare 23 postmortem 2

(Read Part 1)

Once I decided that my idea to create a game based on bacteria was both interesting and within my capability, I needed to figure out if it would be technically feasible. I knew that I would be working in Game Maker, because I know it the best and can get results quickly with it.

Choose Your Weapons

I toyed with the idea of (more…)