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Cleveland Game Developers October Meetup

Last night was one of the more interesting Cleveland Game Developers meetups that I’ve been to in a while.

IGDA Ohio Chapter starting up?

We’re discussing becoming an International Game Developers Association chapter. Coincidentally, on my own initiative, I became a member myself just recently. I haven’t gotten very much use out of my membership so far, so I’m definitely welcoming of an official chapter starting up!

CGD member and Stark State College Computer Science and Video Game Development instructor Mike Geig, who is leading the initiative, says he is definitely working on starting this up, and the only question seems to be whether CGD would like to officially fold itself into this group, or remain an independent meetup group. Things are in the very early stages, so he’s still trying to figure out pretty much everything at this point.

Cleveland Game Devs Saturday Activity

This Saturday, October 20, CGD member Sam Marcus will be putting on a “thing” on random numbers. Sam always brings a potent blend of humor and math to his presentations, so I’m looking forward to learning more about randomness and how it can be used to good effect in games. I use randomized values quite a bit in my own projects, and I’m always finding new uses for them. I’m looking forward to learning some clever new stuff from Sam.

Exploding Rabbit

A new face showed up at our meeting and introduced himself as Jay from Exploding Rabbit, of Super Mario Bros. Crossover fame. He and his wife Iggy moved to Ohio from California recently, and have settled in the Cleveland area. I am glad to see more people who are working on serious projects coming to our meetings. It’s very cool to have people doing high quality work in the area.