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Game review: Javel-ein by Daniel Linssen

I loved Javel-ein when it was first released as a Ludum Dare 28 Jam entry. It’s been expanded into a “Full Game” — I put this in quotes because, other than perhaps a lack of background music, there wasn’t anything about the Jam entry that felt incomplete or less than “full” to me. TL;DR: it’s a great game, it’s free, and if you run Windows, you can play it.

Get Javel-ein.

Game Play

You’re a guy armed with a Javelin, jumping and running through a 2D platform world of caves and lava pits. There are dangerous creatures, which you’ll need to kill with your Javelin. Once all the creatures are destroyed, you need to find the door to take you to the next level. The twist is that you only get one Javelin, and you have to retrieve it each time you throw it, leaving you temporarily defenseless. (more…)

Updated Javel-ein released

One of my favorite games to come out of Ludum Dare 28, Javel-ein, has been developed into a full game by its creator, Daniel Linssen. I was amazed with how polished and balanced the original version of the game was, so this expanded version should be a real treat to play.

I’ll probably post an update with a full review once I’ve had a chance to play it. Review here.