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Global Game Jam 2016: Pug Pug’s Bathtime Ritual

Global Game Jam 2016 has concluded. I completed my project this year, and I’m pretty pleased with it.


The theme for Global Game this year was “ritual”. I didn’t have an immediate idea what to do for my game, but after about 20 minutes I decided to do a game about a Pug’s bath time, which I called Pug-pug’s Bathtime Ritual. It is pretty common knowledge that I like pugs, which made this project especially fun.

Taking inspiration from this video:

I decided to make a simple minigame about knocking down bottles. I had some ideas for other minigames that I could link together, but there wasn’t time to do more than one. I worked at a relaxed pace, didn’t stress or overwork myself over the weekend, and completed the project about an hour before the 3pm submission deadline. It’s not terribly challenging, but it’s cute.

There’s a playable HTML5 build and a Windows build, along with full source, as well.