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YoYoGames discontinues sales of GameMaker for Mac

YoYoGames announced yesterday that they have discontinued sales of GameMaker for Mac (the GM7-based IDE for Mac OS X, not the build target module for GameMaker: Studio to allow building games for Mac OS X).

I don’t expect that this move surprises or disappoints many. This version was long out of date and did not include features from the 8.x and Studio 1.x sequences of the product, and had languished while YYG focused its resources on the success of GameMaker: Studio.

YoYoGames stressed that users who already own GameMaker for Mac are still supported and can install and use the product that they already own. YoYo say that they are still committed to supporting development on the OS X platform with a future release of GameMaker: Studio, but the expected release date for this is as yet unannounced.

One would hope that with the ending of sales for the old version, the replacement product might be coming soon.

It’s good to see YoYo communicating its intent with the product like this. The announcement was clear, addressed possible misconceptions, and came¬†through an official outlet.