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DomeWrinklesCurl 1.1

I’ve released an update to DomeWrinklesCurl. This isn’t really much of a game still, it’s just a simple rock-paper-scissors programming exercise for Win32 CLI console.

The new feature in this release is improved stat keeping.

With this release, I’ve also cleaned up the code a little bit. The initial release ran OK, but internally was a bit messy. Not a big deal, you won’t notice unless you look at the source and compare it to the 1.0 release.

I’ve been thinking of ideas about what I where I want to take this project…

2.0 branch:

  1. Sound effects
  2. Colored text
  3. Select # of players (0-2)
  4. Named players
  5. External configuration file for settings, game stats to persist

future branch:

  1. 2-player network play

Once I get this much done, I’ll have enough of a framework developed to begin building a real game with, and I’ll start moving from the Console to GUI.

Download it here:

dwc.exe (zip archive)

dwc.cs (source)

DomeWrinklesCurl 1.0

I wrote a windows console game in C# as a programming exercise.

It’s nothing spectacular, but it’s my first game, and I’m happy with the way it works.

The game is a silly pug-themed implementation of Rock Paper Scissors that I made up, called Dome Wrinkles Curl.

The rules:

  1. Dome straightens the curly tail.
  2. Wrinkles cover dome.
  3. Curl wags away the wrinkles.

Download it here:

dwc.exe (zip archive)

dwc.cs (source)