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HTML5 Game Development With GameMaker published

Today Packt Publishing announced the publication of HTML5 Game Development with GameMaker by Jason Lee Elliott. I was involved with the creation of this book as a technical reviewer, and as such I’m intimately familiar with its contents.

While the book title refers to HTML5 games specifically, most of the content is applicable to any development in GameMaker Studio, regardless of your intended build target.

Some of the highlights include:

  • Numerous examples of the “Finite State Machine” pattern implemented as a system of related Objects
  • Building a Box2D physics-based game
  • Creating a particle system
  • Facebook integration
  • Flurry Analytics integration
  • How to publish your game on the web.

If you purchase through the link below, Amazon will compensate me for the referral.

Rave: betterexplained.com is the best thing I’ve read today

I am probably going to curl up all weekend with betterexplained.com and brush up on my math. I haven’t been this excited to read about mathematical concepts since I was a high school senior and discovered William Poundstone’s The Recursive Universe. Which was really more about information theory, but that’s a type of math.

What compelling reads in math can you recommend?

  1. William Poundstone: The Recursive Universe
  2. Douglass Hofstadter: Godel Escher Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid
  3. James Gleick: Chaos