Thank you for your interest!

I currently live in Northeast Ohio, and am willing to consider relocation. I can also telecommute.


I first became interested in computers at the age of six, when I had my first encounter with an Atari VCS console. As I grew up, I learned a bit of BASIC, LOGO, and Pascal programming on Commodore 64 and Apple ][ computers.

In college I owned my first Macintosh computer, and learned how to troubleshoot and maintain that system, optimizing performance and improving reliability. As an English major, I first got into IT through desktop publishing, when I had to spend more time fixing and upgrading poorly maintained systems at work than I did working on document production.

This lead into opportunities in technical support and server administration. I spent almost 10 years in a support and server administrator role for various contractors at NASA Glenn Research Center.

More recently, I became interested in software and web development, reconnected with my old love of programming, and began to study programming and the software development lifecycle. I am most interested in open source and agile approaches to software development, and am interested in finding a position with a developer that will allow me to increase my skills in this area.


Currently, my main career goal is to find a role on a software development team. I am especially interested in the software craftsmanship movement and agile development. I am also available to do system administration and general IT support work.

In addition to full-time work, I am also available for freelance projects.


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Getting in touch

For privacy reasons, and due to the prevalence of recruiting scams, I prefer not to make my phone number and physical address available through this web site. Please initiate contact through the email address in my résumé, or use the form on the Contact page. Once I have established that you are legitimate party, I will be happy to provide a phone number and physical address.


I am also available for writing gigs. You may consider the blog a portfolio of my professional writing. In addition to writing this blog, I have contributed to a few books.

Book credits:

  1. Wireless Reconnaissance in Penetration Testing, ©2012 Matthew Neely, Alex Hammerstone, and Chris Sanyk. Syngress. Contributed authorship to Chapters 2, 9 and the case studies in Chapters 5 and 6 on Off Site and On Site profiling.
  2. HTML5 Game Development with GameMaker, ©2013 Jason Elliott, Packt Publishing – Contributed technical review.
  3. GameMaker Game Programming with GML, ©2014, Matthew DeLucas, Packt Publishing – Contributed technical review.

Product Reviews

I write product reviews on occasion and publish here; normally I do this on my own when my experience with some product compels me.

If you have a product that I have not reviewed here, and you would like me to consider for a review, I may be open to doing so (assuming the product is something appropriate to the topics I normally write about; of course I reserve the right to make final decisions on this) in exchange for a sample of the product for evaluation purposes, or some other consideration. It is understood that the compensation does not influence review, I will retain full editorial control over the content of the review, and any compensation given to me for a product review will be disclosed in the article.